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G.I. Joe: Renegades Flash-based game coming to Hubworld

As I mentioned in a previous post, received an advertisement stating that an online Flash-based game was coming soon, and I wondered aloud if we should expect the same for Renegades.  Well, turns out, the answer is yes.  While the ad seems to have come and gone, at one point, according to BCYOJOE on there was an advertisement posted.  I’m having a hard time finding it myself.
Check out the image proof below, or take a look at to see if the ad comes back.

As I mentioned in the earlier post as well, the game will likely be available September 27th when undergoes the planned content overhaul.

Reminder – Re-Launching September 27th?

One of the notes that got kind of lost in the shuffle during the Hub Media Event webcast a short while ago is that is supposedly undergoing a major content overhaul and “relaunch” on September 27th, which just happens to be Monday.
What this means for G.I. Joe: Renegades is presently unknown, but considering Renegades is one of the Hub’s flagship shows, I would think it would mean a potential for some added content coming early next week.  Hopefully some better, more finished art, or some more media.
Coinciding with this upcoming event, TFW2005 reports that has an advertisement up for an upcoming Flash-based game called “Tower Defense”, so it would appear things are gearing up for a little media  blitz just prior to The Hub’s official launch on October 10th.
Fingers crossed…

A few more artists revealed for G.I. Joe: Renegades

While no actual new art has been shared recently for the upcoming G.I. Joe: Renegades series, thanks to DeviantArt, we do know a few more of the artists who are working on the series.  Check out the links to the profiles below to see who some of these artists are and what they’ve worked on in the past.  One of the cooler names on the list is Dusty Abell, who should be very familiar to Joe fans as the guy who had some input into the vehicle designs for G.I. Joe: Resolute!
The first artist on the list, “jones-z-kitty” has some interesting words about the Renegades production:

“i’m DEFINITELY having fun on GIJOE:RENEGADES right now, and i’m having a blast working with :iconclementsauve: and :iconcartoonretro:, who both take me to school everyday, its very inspiring! plus…we are using a little bit of freelance…(we had some really big episodes and we needed a bit of help)…so were really lucky we’ve been able to get some help from :icondusty-abell:, :iconamericanninjax:, and :iconkizer180:! everyone is doing an awesome job!…….but i do sometimes miss the fun and whimsy of drawing BRAVE AND THE BOLD!
that being said…i’m learning TONS working on GIJOE:RENEGADES and i really HOPE that HASBRO is cool with us posting some stuff at the end of the year once the show premieres!”

Love the sounds of the “really big episodes”!  And as with many of the folks we’ve seen involved with Renegades, there are some great pedigrees on some of these names.  Check out the profiles below to see what we’ve got to work with.

The Hub launches on October 10th…hopefully the debut of G.I. Joe: Renegades will be shortly behind!

Potential release timeline for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 3

With thanks to SNAKE EYES from, we know that Diamond Publications has a listing for G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra Wave 3, and Diamond has a release date for Wave 3 listed for December 29th.
It’s been widely believed that Wave 3 (which is technically “Wave 1” for 2011) would hit retail prior to the end of the year, though this seems a bit close to 2011.  It should be noted, though, that many times these things hit brick and mortar retail before Diamond’s listed release date.
To see the full rundown of Wave 3, check out my Pursuit of Cobra SuperPage.