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More Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes coolness

So, is anyone getting tired of me posting information about Avengers?  I hope not, because I’m going to keep doing it.  Feel free to skip by if you’re not interested.  I’m extremely fired up to see this cartoon, so I fully intend on posting about the videos as they’re uploaded.
The latest five-minute short focuses on The Hulk… is the first place to post it (which doesn’t allow embedding for some weird reason).  It’s on the same video page that the Iron Man one was posted yesterday.
Along with that, has also begun posting their own content, including very short snippets of the origins of the Avengers.  First two are Thor and Captain America.

Captain America

Along with those, also has hosted the Iron Man Micro-Episode, so it’s embeddable now!
Iron Man Micro-Episode

This cartoon really looks great.  It has a very “realistic” feel to it.  Sure, the animated style is the typical distorted look, but the dialog is very mature and natural, the action is very well choreographed…it really rocks.  October 20th…I’ve marked my calendar!

G.I. Joe Review Podcast Episode 40 Online Now

G.I.Joe Review Episode 040
(36:16) The guys review Issue 57.
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BBTS News: DC Direct, Bandai, Star Wars, Transformers, 25% Off Books & More!

Hi – Here is a quick update from about
another great new batch of preorders and more exciting new arrivals.
This large collectible will be the centerpiece of Batman collections and
promises to be quite the conversation piece.  The cowl is taken from the
actual movie version and is cast in fiberglass (not wearable,
unfortunately), and comes with a display base with a sculpted utility
belt.  It is limited to 500 pieces, and we have it listed at $474.99,
saving you $25 off the MSRP.

Past Generation Toys Pursuit of Cobra still in stock!

GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra continues to prove to be a popular line.  We only have a few of the following left: A.W.E. Striker with Nightfox, Cobra Fury with Alley-Viper, Cobra Ice Cutter with Snow Serpent, and the V.A.M.P. 4×4.
This week we received all the newest Star Wars Vintage Black and Silver action figures.  This also includes the foil chase figures.  These have been selling very quickly!  We have also posted the ROTJ Star Wars Vintage Black and Silver actions figures as PreOrders!
The Hunt for the Decepticons have been moving fast but we have a few of the Deluxe Class Terradive, Electrostatic Jolt, and Tomahawk.
On the superhero front we now have the newest assortment of the Marvel Universe Comic Book 2 Packs
Video game fans will be glad to know you can PreOrder Mass Effect 2 figures and we still have a limited supply of Halo Reach available.
Did you know that Past Generation Toys has a mobile site?  Check it out here.
And as always, check out the Past Generation Toys Blog, PGT on Facebook, and PGT on Twitter for updates on our world of toys and collectibles!

More insanely awesome pre-production art from Bill Merklein

Over on, Gyre-Viper has released another swatch of pre-production artwork from Hasbro sculpting legend Bill Merklein.  Responsible for many of our favorite G.I. Joe toys from the 80’s, Mr. Merklein has been generous enough to share these details and images with us, and Gyre-Viper has been a huge help getting it out to the public.
Some really, really awesome stuff here.  I can’t get enough of it.  I’ve mirrored a bunch of the images below.

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Also, if you love this, don’t forget about Gyre’s many other threads posted with more fantastic work from Mr. Merklein.