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IDW Editor Andy Schmidt answers your G.I. Joe questions at JoeReloaded

Phil Kost over at had a chance to talk with Andy Schmidt and got together a fantastic Q & A session with the IDW editor who is responsible for nearly all of the G.I. Joe  books produced.
The conversation ranges from the ARAH continuation by Larry Hama, to the status of the Trade Paperbacks, and touches on many new projects that are waiting in the wings.
Check out the full Q & A session right here!

JoeCanuk Exclusive eBay auctions to support a fan in need

If you’ve checked out the banner up above, you already know about the Canadian Joefan who needs our help.  Well, a member of is generously offering up his Canadian JoeCon exclusive Frostback Trooper on eBay in order to help the process along!
Check out the following email I received from JoeCanuck:

Thanks to the kindness of our very own LatinJoe22, there is now a Frostback Trooper posted on ebay to help raise money for Deanna and her trip to India (Read this thread if you have no clue what this is about –
Along with the Frostback Trooper, his two weapons, stand, filecard (with the HATE card on the back), there is also a signed Larry Hama card, and a signed Zack Hoffman (voice of Zartan) trading card. Both of these cards were only available at the Canadian Joe Con, August 7th 2010 in Toronto.

Anyone who wants this figure, here’s your chance, and you can help out a Joefan while you’re at it!

GeneralsJoes Reviews Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 Snake Eyes and Recondo

By and large, the Pursuit of Cobra has been a lovefest.  Hasbro has been on a roll, and most of the figures released for this line to date have been home runs, or at the very least a solid double or triple.
Well, nobody’s perfect, I guess.
These two figures come from each side of the spectrum…one of them has pretty much nothing of merit, while the other one is just chock full of lost potential.  The end result is still a couple of disappointments.  Check out the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page, or hit the links below to go direct: