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You have no excuse not to own Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2

And neither do I.  :shifty:
While I’ve been spending a lot of time in various places over the last couple of weeks complaining about my lack of options for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2, that is no longer the case.  Not only is brick and mortar retail nationwide apparently flush with these great new figures (something I sadly know nothing about up here in the boonies), but there are several options through online retailers that also offer these prizes.
Check out the following links to select your e-tailer of choice!
Big Bad Toy Store – Preorders “Processing”, Wave 2 Set IN STOCK NOW – Pursuit of Cobra Section

BriansToys – Wave 2 Set

GIJoeClub – Wave 2 Set
Go get ’em!

GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW G.I. Joe: Real American Hero #158

Talk about polar opposites.  Released alongside the deep and understated G.I. Joe: Hearts and Minds #158, this continuation of the classic series from the 90’s makes no assumptions, and continues right along bringing the fight and Larry Hama makes no apologies for that.
The G.I. Joe team continues to be on the run, while Cobra is the government entity leading the charge against them.  Remarkably similar to the G.I. Joe: Renegades animated series plotline (though this comic run certainly doesn’t get the A-Team criticism that the cartoon is getting…interesting, that) and has at least as many bullets flying as dialog, unlike the other issue released this same day.
For spoiler reasons, the rest of the review will be posted after the jump.

New art revealed for upcoming SK Omega projects

Coinciding with JoeCon this year, I posted a ton of news regarding an upcoming new toyline from Molten Monkey International entitled SDK Omega.  A 3 3/4″ action figure line featuring traditional o-ring style articulation, there are big things in the wings for the line, but things have been pretty quiet for a while now.
Well, a DeviantArt page uncovered by HissTank has provided a little more juice, and I’ve mirrored some images below.  I’m dying to hear more about this line, hopefully we’ll start to get more intel as Toy Fair draws closer.  Check out the DeviantArt page right here.

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