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Mysterious Volcano Viper emerges from overseas

Not too long ago, an eBay auction featuring a strangely repainted Volcano Viper got some folks wondering what was up.  Well,  as is the case with nearly every unproduced item out there, Gyre Viper got his hands on one as well (though a different one from the eBay auction) and has posted a very nice gallery of the item on
It is currently unknown exactly where this figure would have fallen into place, or whether or not it will even be released.  If I had to guess, I’d say this was probably a planned Rise of Cobra/early Pursuit of Cobra item that is now in the junk pile.  I may be wrong, but I have strong doubts that we’ll ever see this thing at retail.  A very interesting item, and likely a fireman or flame thrower trooper of some sort.  Amazing how nicely Hasbro can reuse these parts into totally different functions.  Having a figure start off as an Arctic Trooper and then successfully make the transition to toxic trooper/heat trooper/fireman is a pretty impressive migration.
Check out the mirrored images below.

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GeneralsJoes Reviews the Pursuit of Cobra Cobra Commander

Wave 1 reviews continue to stagger in, as I finally got my hands on a PoC Cobra Commander from both HasbroToyShop and my good buddy Mike last week.  You can check out the review on the Pursuit of Cobra Review page or directly right here.
I also finally got Firefly as well, so that review should be going up this week, too, and then Wave 1 will be wrapped up!  Just in time for Wave 2 to start showing up.