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Full steam ahead for Rise of Cobra sequel?

I’ll be the first one to admit that it’s been unusually quiet on the Hollywood front when it comes to G.I. Joe.  In light of the negative press and the adequate, but not stellar 350 million dollar box office take, while Paramount reported a sequel would move into production, we really haven’t heard much.
Sure, the snippet of news announcing Zombieland scribes as the script writers… news that Stephen Sommers may come back to direct.  Maybe it’s just because Transformers 3 is already so deep into production that it seems oddly silent.
But in a potential point of good news (depending on your perspective, of course), movie rumor site The Wrap has gotten its hands on a supposed email document from within Paramount.  Of course, Paramount has already denied its authenticity, so who really knows how real it is.  Regardless, it does mention G.I. Joe 2, mentions Stephen Sommers directing, and that folks are “VERY happy w/the Reese & Wernick draft”.
Ultimately, this likely means little, but for those few of us who are looking forward to how G.I. Joe evolves its movie universe (or perhaps other folks are looking to see what they can do to repair it), this is a nice snippet of news.  Hopefully as 2011 kicks off we may start hearing more about it.
Thanks to Entertainment News International for the tip.

Great insight into the pre-production and production PoC figures

From someone who has a great perspective…  over on, Gyre-Viper has posted a nice, in depth look at some of the differences between the pre-production and production versions of the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra Zartan and Destro figures.  The images really lay out some of the obvious and subtle changes the figures made along their long trek to retail shelves.
I find this kind of stuff really fascinating, as you try and track down what  changes were made, why they were made and what the differences are.  So many things to consider that many of us don’t even think about.
Check out the mirrored images below.

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New at Past Generation Toys -> Star Wars Clone Wars, SDCC Exclusives, and Bowen Designs!

For those of you who stopped by our booth at the Star Wars Celebration this weekend, thanks for saying hello and we hope you found something you liked! We managed to bring home the SWCV Lego Cubedude, Gentle Giant Boosk and Jumbo Vintage Boba Fett exclusives! They’ll be available online soon, but you can email us at ahead of time to inquire.
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