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GeneralsJoes reviews Pursuit of Cobra Doom Cycle and Ghost Hawk

Hot on the heels of reviewing the Pursuit of Cobra Mech Suits, I’ve posted reviews for the two Alpha vehicles released in wave 1 of the Pursuit of Cobra.  With a pair of new characters using limited new tooling, will these smaller scale vehicles fare better than their Rise of Cobra counterparts?
Check out the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page to find out, or hit the links below.

Great new images of upcoming PoC figures – Jungle Viper!

The Terror Drome has been doing a great job getting samples of upcoming Pursuit of Cobra figures…with Wave 1 slowly making its way to retail and Wave 2 in the wings, they’ve posted two more albums in Scoop’s Dark Room for the upcoming Jungle Assault “Tornado Kick” Snake Eyes and the much dreamed for “Jungle-Viper”.
I know everyone is in love with that Jungle-Viper…and he’s cool and all, but the pictures that excite me the most are the ones without his clunky wing armor.  While that certainly looks flashy, I like my figures able to be posed and “played with” and versatile, and with all of that plastic mess all over him, I don’t see how that’s possible.  Let’s hope with a little streamlining, he still makes for a cool Cobra jungle trooper.  Check out the links and the mirrored images below.
Cobra Jungle-Viper

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Jungle Snake Eyes

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Official Hasbro Press Images of Wave 2 Pursuit of Cobra

Hasbro’s official PR agency was kind enough to send along some updated images of Wave 2 items for G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra!  These include official images of product and package art for the second waves of Alpha vehicles, Bravo vehicles, and single pack figures.  Check out the galleries below.
Pursuit of Cobra Figures – Wave 2

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Pursuit of Cobra Vehicles – Alpha Wave 2

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Pursuit of Cobra Vehicles – Bravo Wave 2

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