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Canadian JoeCon box and Exclusive Comic Promo online

Well, I was waiting with baited breath today, hoping for a Hailstorm reveal, but instead we got something almost as nice…  almost.
The guys behind the Canadian JoeCon have revealed the fantastic looking box for the convention set as well as a cool little YouTube video showing of the Convention Exclusive comic.  You can check both out on!  I’ve also embedded the video below.

This weekend!  Hope some folks are going and plan to have some fun for me.

Stephen Sommers back on board for G.I. Joe Sequel?

Just as G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was starting to fade into the rear view mirror, The Wrap brings it back into focus by reporting that according to sources, Stephen Sommers will be coming back to direct the G.I. Joe follow up sequel.  They also report that  the right people are happy with the script that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have turned in.
Does this mean anything substantial?  Probably not…especially because a Hasbro rep sort of side-stepped the question during a recent video interview with the Motley Fool (an interesting point brought forward by Entertainment News International’s Jay Cochran courtesy of his Twitter account).  Honestly, mentally I’ve moved on to Renegades, and I think part of me is looking forward to that at least a little bit more right now, but I was pretty unashamed with my enjoyment of the first film, and if the follow up can capture the same energy, but perhaps redirect it in a way closer to the mythology, maybe the Hollywood franchise can become something the fans are more into.
Time will tell.