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So, uhh…is it too late to jump on the DC Comics bandwagon?

So, for Joefans, SDCC is already mostly done.  Renegades info flooded in on Thursday, we got IDW stuff yesterday.  Sideshow is doing their thing tomorrow, but by and large, we’re ready to move on.
However, the rest of the comic world is still trucking right along, and while I don’t read a whole lot of comics these days, I still really love the concept of super heroes and I try to catch as much of that stuff as possible in other media.  And holy crap does DC Comics have that covered with two awesome looking events coming up.
First of all, the new animated series Young Justice.  Not being a comic fan, I don’t know who the hell Young Justice is, other than apparently the Teen Titans, only no longer called the Teen Titans.  Didn’t we have a Teen Titans cartoon a few years ago?  Now they want another one?  Well, once I saw this video feature, I want another one, too.  This looks like a whole lot of fun, and I love how connected the Justice League is!  Check the video out below.

But of course the really “holy shit” moment so far of SDCC to me, is the cinematic teaser for the DC Universe Online MMORPG (or however the hell that acronym goes).  Now, not only am I not really a DC fan, but I pretty much can’t stand MMORPG’s so there’s no way in hell I’ll ever play this, but this cinematic teaser makes me regret not having 20 spare hours a week to devote to a video game.  It is…  stunning.  Absolutely stunning.

Is that some crazy stuff or what?  Great googly moogly.  I love SDCC.

About that whole one review per day thing…

Well, I’m gonna miss the deadline today.  But only because I’m preparing to barrage you guys starting Monday…  I didn’t quite have time to get together a review for today, though I still fully intend to post one tomorrow.
However, the real fun starts Monday.  Beginning Monday, I’ll be starting the G.I. Joe: Resolute “Battle Royal” where I post reviews of two opposing members of the Resolute boxed sets, all week long until all fourteen figures have been reviewed by next weekend.
If I’m feeling motivated, I may even sprinkle some other catch up reviews in there, too, as I was in the midst of preparing all of those when the Resolute boxed sets ended up shipping early.  So, while you guys will have to do without a review today, I think next week will make up for it.
Question is, when do I catch up on my sleep…
In my infinite genius, I committed to a review a day leading up to the release of The Pursuit of Cobra…and of course you know once that hits, I’ll be reviewing THAT, too.  So, yeah…probably should have rethought that whole strategy.  😉

IDW Round Up from SDCC, such that it was

Okay, in all the combing through the internet, I found a few sources of information for stuff that was discussed at the Hasbro IDW panel, but unfortunately none of it ended up really being of any consequence.
The first intel came from YoJoe, who had a representative in the panel, and the recap can be found right here, though honestly not much was revealed.
Essentially most of the panel seemed to focus on Cobra and how they got in the position they’re in now, which is pretty fascinating to consider.  Cobra’s whole history back in the day was pretty odd, considering how much force and technology they amassed without it really being discussed just how they did it, where the money came from (beyond a “pyramid scheme”) or how they built their empire.  The IDW universe is playing into that a LOT more, and it’s pretty neat.
One of the more interesting notes was the fact that an upcoming issue of G.I. Joe, the first appearance of Storm Shadow proclaims itself as the end of “Season 1” of G.I. Joe.  I’m not entirely sure how they break up the “seasons” or if they simply mean the book is moving in another direction from that point on.
The most comprehensive coverage of the IDW panel was posted on The Terror Drome (with some props as well to iFanboy) and their run down is as follows:

  • After 3-part Zartan story in Origins, Croc Master “origins” story in issue #18.
  • Hama returns to Origins for one more story with G.I. Joe: Origins #19 which will be another “silent issue” featuring Snake Eyes.
  • Then G.I. Joe: Origins 20-23 will focus on Cobra organization.
  • G.I. Joe: Cobra Special #2, available last week of September, featuring the trial of Erika le Tene.
  • Chuckles story concludes in G.I. Joe: Cobra #10-13
  • In the main ongoing G.I. Joe title, critical mass device #23-27, Storm Shadow first appearance in IDW verse.
  • G.I. Joe: RAH will pick up from Marvel’s run with Cobra presenting itself as a “Blackwater” type organization.
  • Both G.I. Joe: Renegades and Transformers Prime will have books debuting in October”

So, in all honesty, not a whole lot of juicy new intel was released…but we’ll take what we can get.  Thanks to everyone for chipping in links and coverage so we could get this all together.  Big thanks to Wild Weasel of The Terror Drome as well, for finally getting some comprehensive details of the panel.