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New at Past Generation Toys -> GI Joe, Transformers, Sideshow, Marvel, Masters of the Universe, & Plushies!

GI Joe: Pursuit of Cobra has arrived, and we’ve got brand new figures and vehicles (like the awesome mech suits) available right now! These are some cool figures, and you won’t want to miss out on them. And that’s not all, we’re also carrying new Sideshow Collectibles GI Joe 1/6 scale figures like Duke, Cobra Officers, and Firefly. These figures are like a GI Joe collector’s dream come true, so stop by and take a look!
We have a lot of new figures and preorders for the Transformers fans out there too, including new Generations and Power Core Combiner figures. Check them all out, because you’re sure to find something you like.
One great thing about the Marvel Universe line is that gigantic characters like Galactus can be made in-scale, and that’s exactly what Hasbro has done. The upcoming Galactus figure is humongous and even includes a Silver Surfer figure too! Preorder him now, and you’ll be guaranteed to get the biggest and best Marvel Universe figure yet.
Masters of the Universe Classics just keeps getting better and better, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. We’ve got three more preorders available, including Gygor, Whiplash, and Count Marzo, each of which look like they’ll be amazing figures.
Finally, for something a little more unique, be sure to check out our new selection of Funko plushies, including characters from DC Comics, Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz and more.
And as always, check out the Past Generation Toys Blog, PGT on Facebook, and PGT on Twitter for updates on the world of toys and collectibles!

Hasbro winz at teh SDCC!

The San Diego ComicCon has moved into a whole new stratosphere in recent years.  Initially merely a large comic convention, it somehow migrated to a Geek Mecca where Hollywood, Comics, and Toy Companies collide to give us glimpses at what cool new things are on the horizon for our nerd pleasure.  It is pretty astounding to see just what it has become.
Of course as part of the allure of ComicCon, there are the SDCC Exclusives…toys that are launched at SDCC and for sale initially only at SDCC.  This has always created a conflict between the “haves” and the “have nots” which has sometimes generated some hostility not just in the fandom, but directed back at the manufacturers.  But Hasbro seems to have found a balance.  By offering the items through SDCC, but also at HasbroToyShop, they seem to be able to please everyone, and in recent years there hasn’t been an obvious shortage of opportunities to get what you want.
This is not the case with Mattel, who year after year generates mountains of frustration among their fans with a strange voucher pre-order system that doesn’t even guarantee you a figure if you travel all the way to ComicCon.  Not to mention when they post items for sale after the fact, gets so hammered that nobody can access the retail store.  In general, it seems like a mammoth cluster…  you get the idea.
Now not only does Hasbro seem to have the system at least somewhat ironed out, but the numbers of cool exclusives they are getting out there is amazing.  Now, most of this is probably because they’re far and away the #1 Boys Toys brand in the market, but it really is incredible just how many cool toys they can get into collectors’ hands through SDCC.  Anyone reading this right now already knows about Sgt. Slaughter:

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I mean, look at this figure!  Sure there are complaints about the lack of musculature and the placement of the torso joint/USA logo (which I can certainly appreciate) but there is a metric ton of new tooling, great accessories, and even new points of articulation.  Any long time fan who has been clamoring for Slaughter is gonna be loving this.
And while I haven’t been keeping up with the Marvel stuff as much as I’d like to, I can’t help but drool at what Hasbro has there as well:

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Before I go on…let me say one thing.  Yes that is a TWO FOOT FREAKING TALL CARDED ACTION FIGURE.  How awesome is that?  Not to mention the bad ass WW II Captain America and an impressive Thor figure to tie into the upcoming movie as well.
Hell, even Star Wars has my interest this year!

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Bet you thought Darth Maul was dead, eh?  Hell, I’m an uber-geek and even I thought Darth Maul was dead.  What the hell is this?  It’s Darth frikken Maul with cyborg horse legs.  ROCK.
So yeah…for G.I. Joe fans or for toy fans, Hasbro has got it going on this year.  Maybe one day I’ll make it to SDCC…but until then I’ll sit back and enjoy it vicariously through the hundreds of thousands of others.  Can’t wait to hear what’s on the horizon!

GeneralsJoes Review of the day – Rise of Cobra Lava Pod w/ Volcano Viper!

When our Joe fan brethren to the North discovered the elusive third wave of Rise of Cobra Alpha vehicles, I’m sure emails started flying…luckily, my long time buddy Ed hooked me up real quick, and about 10 days after I was certain I’d never see Alpha Wave 3, I had a full set of them sitting in my grubby hands.  So, of course, I’m gonna review ’em.
The first of four reviews are being posted today on the Rise of Cobra Review Page…  check it out right here!

Unholy temptation surfaces on eBay… Pursuit of Cobra Dusty!

Ouch.  So far I’ve held back my fingers, but it’s getting tough.
As reported first by The Terror Drome, eBay seller viperkingdom has posted an overseas auction for the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra Dusty figure.  Normally I don’t cover this stuff, but because it’s for a Wave 2 figure that has not hit the eBay black market yet, I figured I should at least talk about it.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that this particular figure makes me feel all mushy inside.
The downside is the price.  With shipping, snagging a Pursuit of Cobra Dusty figure prior to retail release will set you back close to $25.  Personally, I’m going to hold off, as much as this figure rocks my world.  I’m buying myself a Droid X on Thursday, gotta pinch the pennies where I can.  Check out the mirrored images below.

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IDW G.I. Joe Origins #17 5-Page Preview

Continuing the fascinating origin of Zartan in the IDW universe, G.I. Joe: Origins #17 hits comic shops tomorrow, and we’ve got a 5-page preview for you today.  I was pretty enthralled by the first issue, and I’m really looking forward to reading the continuing saga…expect a review to be posted tomorrow upon release!
Until then, whet your appetite with the first 5 pages of story.
Chuck Dixon (w) • Alex Cal(a) • Tom Feister, Cal (c)
The Origin of Zartan, Part 2: The twisted origin of COBRA’s man of a thousand identities continues as Zartan is trained in the ways of death and disguise by his COBRA masters. But perhaps he knows far more than they. A deadly game begins; a game where only Zartan knows the rules. A glimpse inside COBRA and their evil schemes to manipulate world events from the shadows.
* 2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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