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JoeCon 2010 Recap – Saturday (GIJCC Round Table)

Along with the standard Hasbro fare, Saturday was also enjoyable due to the GI Joe Collectors’ Club round table that lays out the processes of getting the Convention Exclusives to the masses, as well as any potential projects that are in the wings.
Unfortunately, with the Convention being so early in the year this year, there wasn’t really any intel about the membership figure for next year or anything like that, but there are still some pretty cool things potentially in the wings.  Click the “Read the rest of this entry” link below to check it all out.

JoeCon 2010 Recap – Saturday (2011 Product Reveal)

Saturday is when the fun really began!  As cool as the initial releases for G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra were, they simply could NOT compare to the boundless wonder of 4″ plastic that would be unveiled on Saturday.
It still astounds me that this  level of detail, articulation, and design can be so well implemented in such a small scale.  Mattel and Playmates need to start taking notes.  They’re not even in the same league as Hasbro in this scale.
The first excitement of the day was the Hasbro Seminar where they revealed the 2011 lineup for G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra!  Images and my personal thoughts are below, after clicking the “Read the rest of this entry” link.

JoeCon 2010 Recap – Friday (2010 Product Reveal)

To many folks the Friday product reveal was fairly unexciting, and didn’t show much new information that we had not seen before.  We did get confirmation that Ashiko with the motorcycle armor and the HISS Scout were still in the pipeline, only now slated to come out in early 2011.
Also, eagle eyed viewers caught a nice glimpse of the Toys “R” Us Exclusive Spirit in the Jungle Diorama that Hasbro had on the Convention floor on Friday.  The awesome thing about these dioramas is that these are the actual dioramas that Hasbro used to take pictures for the package backs for the Pursuit of Cobra figures!
But, even though the true fun would be shown on Saturday, there was some very nice product on hand that made for some great images.  I think in this particular case, pictures speak louder than words.  Click the “Read the rest of this entry link” below to check out all the pics!

JoeCon 2010 Recap – Friday (Hasbro Tour)

One of the biggest incentives to going to the Convention this year was the fact that the first 500 convention goers got a free tour of the Hasbro offices!  Having this tour with Botcon a few years ago, I kind of knew what to expect, but I still came away with some awesome information and experiences from the Joe side.  The tour was broken up into several groups of 20 people, and we were each marched around various tour locations and given a great presentation at each stop.
I will do my best to remember what the various sections were, but please bear with me if my memory is fuzzy.  It was damn early in the morning after an equally damn late night the night before!  I will post pictures where pictures were allowed, but keep in mind, some places did not want photography.  Click on the Read the rest of this entry link below to check it all out!  Beware, this post is image intensive.

JoeCon 2010 Recap – Thursday (Con Exclusives!)

As usual, the Convention started with a sprint that quickly led to the abrupt halt that is known as “pre-registration”.  Actually, to be fair, the lines were not bad at all this year, and I give all the credit in the world to the line monitors who did an absolutely awesome job.  They all deserve commendation.  Especially for those damn orange vests they had to wear.  :shifty:
In all seriousness, the lines all moved at a very brisk pace and things went smooth as silk.  I did have to step out for about 40 minutes to help Mark Bellomo unload his car down through the freight elevator, which added some excitement.  Click the “Read the rest of this entry” link below to get a run down.