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JoeCon Coverage – What can you expect?

Well, I leave for Providence in…  about 16 hours.  The plan, as always, is to cover the convention as heavily as I possibly can.  I may not always get the first news, but I will try my damnedest to get the best quality pictures I can, and try to get as much pure information as I can.
As an FYI, I am officially covering the Convention as a representative of YoJoe, so that images will initially be posted in their Convention Galleries, but they will also be mirrored here, and I will endeavor to interface with the GeneralsJoes readers as much as I can.
Hopefully everyone else is looking forward to Convention weekend as much as I am!  See you all from Providence!

You could produce the trailer for G.I. Joe: The Movie on Blu-Ray!

I’ve been promoting the Blu-Ray release of G.I. Joe: The Movie pretty heavily, just because I think it’ll be awesome to see some Sunbow action in high def.  But now Shout! Factory has given another reason to get excited about it.  They’re launching a fantastic contest where some enterprising Joe fan will get the chance to design and produce the trailer for the upcoming Blu-Ray release of G.I. Joe: The Movie!
Announced on, the idea is that fans (or anyone, really) can submit their own trailer for G.I. Joe: The Movie, and the winning entry will be the actual, official trailer for the film.  Very cool contest.  I’ve messed around with trailer making before, but I’m not sure I’ll have time to do something like this.  Who knows, though.
You can click the previous link for a rundown of all the rules, or simply click the “Read the rest of this entry” link, and I’ll mirror the rules right there.

New Peorders and a Moving Sale from Past Generation Toys!

Be sure to stop by the International G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention this weekend to say hello and browse our selection of toys.
We’re still running our huge sale on hundreds of items from lots of lines like G.I. Joe, DC Universe Classics, and Transformers. You can find figures for as low as $2 and up to 90% off! Check it out in the Past Generation Toys Moving Sale!
We’ve also got tons of new peorders, so take a look and order now, and you won’t have to hunt them down in stores. Included are the GI Joe Resolute Cobra 7-pack and Joe 7-pack, the Force Unleashed Vader Mini-Bust, Star Wars Jabba’s Palace Bookends, and the Star Wars Trash Compactor Bookends.
And as always, check out the Past Generation Toys Blog, PGT on Facebook, and PGT on Twitter!

BBTS News: GI Joe Resolute, Star Wars, Hot Toys, TF, Minimates & More!

Hi – Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals as well as some great new preorder items!
Celebrate the awesome Resolute mini-series cartoon with this great new
shared exclusive set of 14 figures – each totally new and nicely designed.
Joe Set Includes: (Arctic) Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Stalker,
Beachhead and Flint. The Cobra set includes one each of Cobra Commander,
the Baroness, Destro, Firefly, Zartan, Storm Shadow and an Alley Viper.
You can pick up either pack of 7 for $44.99, or a set of 1 of each for
$79.99, or even a case of 3 of each pack for $219.99.

Red Shadows Command Center downloadable template

I showed you folks the excellent MSGiJoe Collectors’ Club Adventure Team HQ and the Terror Drome downloadable dio playsets a few weeks ago…and now they’ve updated again!
This time around they’ve got a fantastic Red Shadows Command Center, available in high resolution at their forums right here.  Check out a very small sampling of the images below.  I love this sort of stuff, kudos to the MS GIJoe Collectors’ Club for making this available!

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