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JoeCon 2010 Saturday Dinner update

For those of you attending the convention we have had a slight change in the program for the Awards Dinner on Saturday night:
Due to Rhode Island state laws (previously unbeknownst to us), we cannot host a Casino Night charity event.  However, we have decided to go ahead with a charity auction, only this time, you will bid with real money not gaming points.  You will be able to check out with cash or with credit card at the end of the auction.
We will have many different lots for you to bid on, and the proceeds for the evening all go to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.  Our goal is to raise at least $4,000 from this event.  Together we can do it!
Dinner will be a sit down affair and we encourage you to dress in your favorite G.I. Joe costume or business casual (no t-shirts, please).  We will have the Disguise Costume Contest parade where the winners will receive CASH! The audience will vote for the winners.  Prizes are as follows:  First place $300, Second place $150, Third place $75 and there will be two children’s winners that will receive $50 each.  Thanks to Disguise for sponsoring this evening of fun!  You must wear your name badge to gain admittance.  All events for the evening will be in the Narragansett Ballroom at the Westin.
The Costume Contest will occur after the dinner but before the auction.

Brians Toys Latest Newsletter Online

The circle can now be completed if you buy the Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan Diorama that highlights the Brian’s Toys newsletter this week!  Unfortunately, it is overshadows by the new and rare Vintage Star Wars AFA figures.  This includes the Double-Telescoping Luke Skywalker!
To check out this amazing collection, click on over to or check out the full newsletter below.

Big Lob makes his move… into your mailbox!

It’s between tears that I write this post, as many of my Joe collecting brethren received the golden ticket today…however I was not one of them.
All across the country, ecstatic Joefans eagerly opened packages arriving in their mailboxes and simultaneously said…  WTF?  Big Lob?  Really?!
In actuality, I find myself really looking forward to this figure.  Not only is he a classic o-ring Joe…not only is he a character that has been kicking around unreleased since 1987…but he’s so damn goofy that he’s awesome.  It took me a very long time to start appreciating the wonky side of G.I. Joe, but now that I do appreciate it, I welcome Big Lob with open arms.
Come here, big daddy…  but dammit, Kwinn and Billy better be close behind you.

Image courtesy of friend of GeneralsJoes, KrymsynGard666.  If you want to get yourself your own plastic representation of G.I. Joe perfection, hit up and order up!