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Dr. Venom Attacks The Pit – Part 2

Check out Part 1 right here!
Dr. Venom and his Cobra squad moved towards the Mobile Pit.  Three guards in gray camouflage slowly paced back and forth.  Sgt. Stone adjusted his beret as his eyes scanned the horizon, though he honestly didn’t expect to see a thing.
Truth be told, he didn’t see a thing.  Silent Cobra agents slunk through the sand and fired quick bursts of silenced weapons fire, taking down the two Pit Troopers.  Sgt. Stone only had time to turn before Dr. Venom himself hit him with a face full of knockout gas.  He collapsed, silent in the sand.
Venom lead his Cobra team into the mobile headquarters, quietly weaving through lockers, hallways, past the central elevator and into the Medical Center.  This was a huge, impressive technical marvel, but it only carried a skeleton crew at this time, and he was about to take care of that little problem as well.
In the Medical Center was the Pit’s water supply.  Venom swiftly pulled a bottle from his coat and examined it.
“The Venom protocols…” he chortled.  “What is this a joke?”  Since returning, he’d only spent a scant few moments researching the accomplishments of Dr. Mindbender since he had been gone.  He was fairly unimpressed.  Still, these “Venom Protocols” had promise…force-feeding animal genetic markers into a human test subject was just the kind of dastardly experiment that made Dr. Venom smile.
He approached the water supply, getting ready to pour.
Honor and valor aren’t Venom’s strength
So be sure to keep him at your left arm’s length
When Valor fights Venom he leads the evil team
Is he real, or just one of Hawk’s bad dreams?
Who is this, and what does General Hawk think of him?

Joecanuck's "Expand the Universe" Contest!

The fine folks at have announced a new contest, which sounds pretty cool!  Check out the details below:
Time to let your creativity show!
We here at Joecanuck love the “Joecanuck Universe” that we’ve created. Black Ice, the H.A.T.E tank, Snowbank and of course Joecanuck himself, as well as all the other figures and vehicles that are part of our universe are things we are very proud of.
However, we want to see what YOU would do to add to this universe!
As such, we’re holding a contest to see how YOU would do it! We realize that not everyone is a customizer, so we’re not making this a ‘customs’ only contest.  You can submit whatever you like. Art with a bio, blueprints of a vehicle, a short comic, dio, or of course a custom figure or vehicle! If you want to do something different than those, go ahead, but check with us first via a PM. This is about creativity, and different people have different creative gifts so we don’t want to leave anyone out!
The Rules:
1) Each board member may submit one (1) entry to the contest.
2) Board Members must have a post count of above 5 and be a member for one (1) month to participate
3) Entries may be in the form of your choice, but note rule #1 above, so make sure you choose the format you’re happiest with
4) Entries will be accepted until 10pm EST on Friday, May the 14th
5) Voting on the entries will begin Monday, May 17th and close Sunday, May 23rd.
6) Entries must be entirely new ideas, not existing Joecanuck or GIJOE universe characters/equipment.
Entries should be submitted to
Include your real name, your board name and your email address!

If you have any questions, ask them in this thread!
The fine folks at Hasbro and Hunter PR have graciously donated 4 Rise Of Cobra figures to be given away as a contest prize here on Joecanuck. To add to that, I am personally throwing in a Target Exclusive Python Patrol CONQUEST (MIB) to the kitty.
Also, your entry will be used in an upcoming Joecanuck universe comic by our artist and story writer, Jason Loo!
So, get those art supplies ready and let’s see what you come up with!
*Rights to characters/items created for this contest will become property of and can be used by without further permission from the creator/member. will allow the creator/member to use their creations for their own personal non-profit uses (personal customs, fan-fiction, dios,) but creator/members are prohibited from the sale of said character/items in any way.
Creator/Member = the person(s) submitting the entry to the contest.