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New G.I. Joe Animation coming in October?

Credit to sister site TFW2005 for breaking the news that Advertising Age, a marketing website has revealed some tidbits of information about the upcoming “Hub” Kids’ TV channel that Hasbro is working on alongside Discovery Kids.
The juiciest part of the article states:

“The newest kid on the block, The Hub, also has the added pressure of what will likely be one of the last big cable network launches ever — second only, perhaps, to Discovery sibling the Oprah Winfrey Network. But Margaret Loesch, CEO of the joint venture, is banking on more than two decades of experience in programming to children from her days as a producer of Hasbro programs such as “GI Joe,” “My Little Pony” and “Transformers,” all of which are expected to appear in revamped form when the network launches Oct. 10.”

Wow.  October 10th?  And we haven’t seen a single character design or heard a hint of story?  That seems a bit far fetched, but I guess anything’s possible.  It wasn’t real long ago that we heard some rumors about voice actors, and that is really early in the production phase.  I guess time will tell.
Personally, I’m not getting my hopes up real high.  Let’s face it, if they’re going to try and gear a hard-edged special forces military team to kids…well…  it’s not going to be a hard-edged special forces military team.  Not sure what the end result will end up looking like this time around, but it will be cool to have a G.I. Joe cartoon on the air again.
Time will tell what the end result is.  More often than not, they’ve been misses, not hits.

Dr. Venom Attacks The Pit – Part 1

You didn’t think I’d forgotten about the “Take Back the Pit” contest starting today, did you?  Of course not.  The first installment, and the first clue is below!
Dr. Venom still remembered the dubious look he got from Cobra Commander when he made his return.  Certainly he didn’t expect a genetic mastermind like Venom to be so easily destroyed?  Sure, it has been over two decades, but these things take time.
The Commander had looked even more dubious when Venom told him his plan.  Yet, he still donated a trio of Python Patrol Stuns and the use of a squad of one of his most unique troopers that would prove useful to this Cobra agent.
Slipping over the desert sands, Venom remembered what the last location of the G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center had been in the Utah desert.  Could he hope G.I. Joe still had a presence there?  Cobra intelligence had said that G.I. Joe was possibly testing a new mobile headquarters in this region of desert…a state of the art mobile version of their underground bunker, The Pit.  He wasn’t convinced, but he made the trip anyway.  Turns out Cobra Intelligence had improved in the last twenty-five years…looming before them was the mammoth slant-armored behemoth that he instantly recognized from the stolen documentation…he had found The Pit.
He and these Cobra Troopers silently disembarked from the stealth cloaked vehicles and moved towards the mobile base as it rested atop four trios of monstrous rubber tires.  Security was slim…after all, this was just a test run, and nobody was supposed to know, right?
Venom gathered together his mysterious Cobra squad…


Like the Mass Device Element, they’re not light.
But you see them best when it’s not bright.
Who are these Cobra Troopers, and what does General Hawk think of them?