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It's hard to type with those gloves on…

Okay.  This is hilarious.  First of all, thanks to nerd supersite (is that a compliment?) Topless Robot for directing readers to the Cobra Takeover.  An absolutely hilarious blog-format website from Cobra Commander where he dials up random people on ChatRoulette and talks to them, fully decked out in Cobra Commander gear.  Yes, it sounds funny.  But the reality is even better.
YouTube hilarity below.

Special Preview for G.I. Joe: COBRA II … Croc-Master!

Forget Cobra Commander! reveals the real Cobra star of G.I. Joe: Cobra II, and it’s Croc-Master!  Appearing here in a special six page preview and looking remarkably similar to his Real American Hero version, we get a very cool look at Cobra’s sinister director of security…I love this new take.  Check out the gallery below.

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