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No Gung Ho for Paramount G.I. Joe?

The MTV Movie Blog had a very quick sitdown with Brendan Fraser recently, to follow up on rumors that production was moving forward on a sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  While the actor didn’t have any concrete information about the sequel, he did reveal that Gung Ho did not pass legal authorization at Paramount, and couldn’t appear in the original film for that reason.  It’s unknown what the hold up was or why it couldn’t happen, but there you go.
Check out the very quick interview below.

G.I. Joe Sequel officially announced… maybe?

I’m trying to dig up a little more info, but right now, all we really have to go on are a few Hollywood trade websites that claim Paramount has officially given a G.I. Joe Sequel the “Go” signal.  The news is appearing in quite a few places, but I can’t find any links back to an official press release or actual announcement from Paramount, so leave this still in the possible category, I guess.
I mean, we all had an idea it was coming, and the screenwriters were revealed a few days ago, but to my knowledge, nothing official has yet been announced.