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GeneralsJoes "Top 15" figures of the Decade

Justin: As 2010 drew nearer, I knew I wanted to do something to celebrate not only the past year in G.I. Joe, but something to celebrate the entire decade.  The past ten years have added several series of generations in G.I. Joe lore, some better than others, but I thought it only right that I give some time to not only cheer what Hasbro did in 2009, but also everything it took to get there from G.I. Joe’s apparent mass-market resurgence in the year 2000.
But a strange thing happened as I began paring down the list…  I had fifty figures.  Yes, FIFTY.  And it took me a while to pare it down even that much.  Even for a raging fanboy like myself, 50 of the “best” figures of the past 10 years hardly seems like a “best of” list, and more like a “look at all these pretty decent figures” list.  Even though nearly 1200 G.I. Joe figures have been released in the past ten years, I wasn’t sure a “Top 50” would generate much discussion or thought…  click the “Read the Rest of this Story” link to peruse this monstrous volume!