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IDW Cobra Commander revealed on JoeReloaded?

Perhaps it is…  Phil Kost from has passed the word along that he’s working in conjunction with IDW on a little “Guess the Character” thread with some great looking concept art for a never seen before character (in the new IDW universe, anyway).  It seems to pretty obviously be Cobra Commander, though with a very different look.

The full art can be found over on JoeReloaded.  Not sure of my thoughts on this one.  I like that they carry over the mirrored helmet.  I like the fangs and the lower support, but it almost seems too “bald” up top.  That 3-piece suit is a bit of a strange choice, too, but we’ll see what scenario he makes his appearence in, perhaps it’ll make more sense.  I’m sure he’ll have more than one “look” as well.
Thanks to Phil for the heads up!

G.I. Joe Review Podcast #32 is online

Now that the guys have cut the length down a bit, and really focused on a per-issue format, they’ve been able to crank out these G.I. Joe Review podcasts, and I’m loving it!  Here’s the intel on the latest installment:
G.I.Joe Review Episode 032
(29:33) The guys review G.I. Joe #54.
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More images of upcoming Bravo class VAMP and HISS

Perhaps this mystery surrounding the whole Pursuit of Cobra thing wouldn’t be so frustrating if the toys weren’t so freaking cool.  I think what’s killing many fans out there is that these toys look so bad ass that not knowing when they’re coming is really taxing us…
So, just to rub a little more salt in the wound, HissTank has posted some more images of the upcoming VAMP and HISS bravo class vehicles, which are, frankly, just amazing.

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I mean look at those things.  Utter bad assedness.  The VAMP is amazingly cool, and so obviously built based off the Sigma 6 Night Ops VAMP (which is not a bad thing).  The angular armor, the modular gun ports, even the rotating weapons platform in the back with a very similar gatling gun.  To me, this is a GREAT thing.  I’ve long since expressed my love for the 2.5″ Sigma 6 vehicle designs, and seeing 3 3/4″ vehicles so strongly based on those looks is just a fantastic thing.
Now, if we only knew what to call the toyline…  hell, though, they can call it Mighty Morphin Power Joe if they keep producing toys like this.