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Contest Update – Where the hell are those Bellomo Books, anyway?

Wow, I’m one lazy, slacking SOB.  🙁

The contest for the free Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe (2nd Edition) ended a loooong time ago, and I’ve been pathetically lax in getting notification out to the winners…mainly because…well, I haven’t picked ’em yet.  :shifty:

Life got a little crazy, and I lost track, but rest assured, by this time next week I will announce the winners of the two books just as the Sideshow Cobra Commander and Hunt for Cobra Commander contests are rounding off.  Have no fear, those prizes will be turned around a HELL of a lot quicker.

Thanks to everyone for their patience on this one, it’s on me.  They’ve all been great reads so far, and I’ve got my “Top Three” lined up, but I’m still making some final decisions.  You guys will be the first ones to know!

Loose images of Pursuit of Cobra Target Mini-Vehicles emerge

We’ve seen other images already, but they were pretty low on detail…now has some loose images up which are looking at least a bit better and clearer.  Mirrored below are images for the following:

  • Cobra Twin Battle Gun w/ Range-Viper
  • Flight Pod w/ Elite-Viper
  • RAM w/ Sandstorm
  • Glider w/ Capt. Ace
  • Water Moccasin w/ Copperhead & Swamp-Viper

When Hasbro does good, they do really, really good, but when they do bad, it’s pretty bad.  And I gotta say that Glider and Water Moccasin, in my opinion, are pretty damn bad.  I mean, Capt. Ace with a moustache?  That’s Tripwire’s head anyway, so why the heck paint a fake moustache on there for a guy who’s not supposed to have one?  Or if you must paint one on there, why not just make this Slipstream?  I gotta tell you, too, I’m feeling pretty sorry for poor AVAC…he keeps getting saddled with terrible paint schemes and new specialties.  First he was a pretty bad ass red and silver, then he turns into pukey purple with the CLAW, and now he’s poop green and brown as a “Swamp-Viper”.  Enh.  Not high on my list.

The others, though, are impressive.  Love the Range-Viper and Whirlwind…that Elite-Viper in red is pretty damn cool, too, I gotta admit.  Hell, even Sandstorm with the basic Reactive Armor torso and desert camouflage pants is pretty bad ass, and he’ll fit in real nice with the Toys “R” Us Troop Builder packs.  Considering I haven’t loved any of the Target exclusive mini vehicles I’ve seen yet (except the SNAKE) these are looking really nice.  Check out the images yourself:

no images were found

The Hunt for Cobra Commander is ON!

In conjunction with my buddies over at The Terror Drome, GeneralsJoes is jumping feet first into another contest, even before my Sideshow Collectibles contest has ended.  The information follows below!


The Terror Drome and Generals Joes have teamed up to present The Hunt for Cobra Commander giveaway. We are giving away a copy of the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2-Disc DVD Set (courtesy of Paramount) and a Rise of Cobra Arctic Assault Snake Eyes figure. And a runner-up will win a Rise of Cobra Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes w/BLACK Timber variant figure.

So what do you have to do? You will need to hunt down Cobra Commander!

Each day between now and Monday (skipping Saturday, October 31st (Halloween)) we will post a clue to our Twitter feeds. You don’t need to have a Twitter account, just check either the Terror Drome’s or General Joes’ Twitter feed page at 3pm EST on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday for a “riddle/question” (ALL will be G.I. Joe themed). Figure out the answer to the riddle then search one of our sites for the answer to be found in a random post on one of the sites. That answer will be linked to an image.

Example: “He once cleaned teeth for a living.” / the answer “Dr. Mindbender” — so you would then search one of the sites for “Dr. Mindbender” and hunt for the link to the image.

You will need to collect all 5 images for each one is a piece to a bigger image. Once you have all 5 pieces, the first person to email them as either a whole image or individually to will win the Grand Prize. The second person will be our runner-up.

This contest is open to readers & members of The Terror Drome and Generals Joes, but all are welcome to try! And since WildWeasel, joshdahl and I are the only ones that know the answers, and the locations of the images once they are posted, everyone is welcome to play. So, good luck hunting! The first clue will be available at 3pm EST on Wednesday, October 28th.

The 2-Disc DVD is courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment, the Rise of Cobra DVD are available on DVD or Blu-ray November 3rd. Also check out the “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Basic Training” iPhone game at the iTunes Store.

Check out the official movie site for lots of extras and downloads.