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Terrific, nostalgia-filled G.I. Joe video at

Kudos to Snake Eyes from for digging up a really cool video that’s been posted at called “The G.I. Joe Phenomenon”.  Featuring some terrific looks at old school commercials, comics, and toys, Hasbro employee (and G.I. Joe enthusiast) Derryl DePriest gives a great rundown at the history of the toyline leading up to the Rise of Cobra.  A must watch for any Joe fan.

Check it out at, the link entitled “The G.I. Joe Phenomenon”.

Kick Ass Customs of the Week – MadMac’s Rise of Cobra Universe

Back in my day, I was a fairly prolific customizer in the vintage Real American Hero format, but in these newer days, the simpler a custom is, the better I like it.  I just don’t have time these days to rip figures apart, paint them religiously, and put them all back together, so I always love to hear about simple part swaps, especially when they’re amazingly effective.  MadMac41 over at JoeBattleLines has been doing some little part swaps and tweaks on the Rise of Cobra figures pretty much since the day they were released.

He first got my attention with a trio of customs seen on JBL here.  Salvo was a very simple part swap, yet looked really neat.  Outback didn’t take much messing with, but, again, looked like a really effective movie style update.  Recondo was the same way.  Here are pics of those three customs that first kind of got my attention:

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As cool as they were, though, I wasn’t sure they were kick ass custom of the week material…but then MadMac posted a pretty neat Dial Tone, and then followed up with Scott McCoy (Chuck Norris in the Delta Squad movies!) and finally a Major Bludd that really rocked.  It was the Major Bludd that finally put me over the edge, using the awesome Jungle Assault Ripcord figure base with that great camouflage scheme, a Reactive Armor arm, and the Anniversary Bludd head.  It all just fit together too nicely.

So, due to the sheer volume of work and the amazing improvements he’s made since beginning, and my love for this Major Bludd, MadMac gets this rendition of Kick Ass Custom…well-deserved!

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Sideshow Spooktacular Event going strong!

So, the Halloween season is upon us and Sideshow Collectibles Spooktacular Event is going full steam ahead!  With contests, features, new product reveals, and lots of 12″ toy goodness, you’ll want to keep checking back over the next week or so to enjoy all the goodness.

To go along with the Spooktacular, don’t forget about the GeneralsJoes Halloween Custom Contest which gets the winner an absolutely FREE 12″ Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Commander!  Also, take a look at the following updates from Sideshow about G.I. Joe related product:

Recon at Waypoint 12 with Timer - 12-inch Environment

  • 12″ Cobra Commander – Very limited quantities IN STOCK NOW!  Don’t miss this second chance opportunity.

Cobra Commander 12-Inch Figure

  • 12″ Cobra Trooper – Get your name on the Wait List for this one, too, as names are currently being pulled for second chance opportunities!

Cobra Trooper 12-inch Figure

Beautiful picture of a beautiful vehicle coming in 2010…

The Cobra Rage has always been a vehicle that I had an affinity for, even with it’s strange design and even stranger original color scheme…it was meant to be an urban vehicle, yet was decked out in very desert-themed colors.  With a ton of potent offensive weapons, it was a very cool looking vehicle, and was made to look even better in 1998 when it got the crazy cool black and blue repaint treatment.

Well, if this high res image holds true, it looks like the updated version we’re getting in 2010 will look even better!  Colored in a very nice, deep purple color scheme with gorgeous splashes of equally dark green, it’s got a very interesting new color pallet without being too ugly and garrish.  Of course this image looks heavily Photoshopped, but if the vehicle hits as it looks here, well… damn.  I’m sold.  Love it.  I’m one of the few guys who actually really likes these new tires as well.  The more muted colors on the Alley-Viper is just the icing on the cake.  Beauty.


Thanks to for the image…

G.I. Joe #10 and Snake Eyes #1 thoughts and opinions around the web

GeneralsJoes commentor m6d brought up a good point a few days ago, saying that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of buzz on release date for IDW G.I. Joe comics…I’ve noticed that, too, which is exactly why I try and let the fandom know when there are reactions around the ‘net for recent IDW releases.  I’m with everyone else on the pace for the main G.I. Joe title, but I do think things have improved dramatically, and issue #10 was actually a great read, I think.  I loved finally seeing some Cobra interaction, though I would have loved it even more if the Cobra Trooper inside the book resembled the Viper from the cover.

Even without that, though, it read very well…I loved the fact that the Cobra Trooper really took it to Snake Eyes and wasn’t just a push over, while Mainframe jabbered on in the background…it just  flowed very nicely.  The cameos and appearences were great, too.  Anyone else notice that Cobra’s arctic headquarters looked an awful lot like it looked in The Rise of Cobra?  I thought that was a cool touch as well.

The Snake Eyes issue?  Not nearly as rosey.  The art was crisp and clean, but very stylized and not great overall.  The writing seemed a touch clunky and it was kind of tough being able to tell how the story was progressing.  They’re touching on his past a little, but just a little, and in the end I wasn’t really sure exactly what I was reading.  I’ll stick it out, but it wasn’t nearly as polished and exciting as G.I. Joe #10.  Some other thoughts can be read below at some other places online:

G.I. Joe #10

Snake Eyes #1