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GeneralsJoes Reports from Paramount Press Event

Paramount was kind enough to extend an invitation to GeneralsJoes to attend an exclusive press event that was taking place a couple of weeks ago (the same time we broke the news about the Resolute 7-Packs…the only downside?  It was in Los Angeles, and with me being staged in New England…well, there were some obvious logistical difficulties.  But GeneralsJoes’ influence extends everywhere :shifty: and a few hours later, I had an LA representative by the name of Mysterious Stranger who was cool enough to not only attend the event, but take some great pictures, and write up the whole shebang.  I can’t thank him enough for taking some time out of his busy schedule to allow GeneralsJoes to bring some of this information to the G.I. Joe fandom.  Click the “Read the Rest of This Entry” link below for the full report with images and all!


Previews reveals some tidbits on G.I. Joe: COBRA II has posted some information from the November issue of Previews Magazine, including some very cool details about the upcoming follow up to the critically acclaimed G.I. Joe: COBRA miniseries.

“Mike Costa, Christos N. Gage (w) o Antonio Fuso (a) o Fuso, Howard Chaykin (c)
CHUCKLES is the only man alive to have successfully infiltrated COBRA… and he’s M.I.A. Has he been killed? Defected? Gone rogue to fight a one-man war against the enemy? None of these alternatives are acceptable to GENERAL HAWK. He wants CHUCKLES back with G.I. JOE, so he’s sending a new Joe to retrieve him. But what she finds may be worse than anyone could have imagined… Also, get a deeper look inside COBRA than ever before, as TOMAX, XAMOT, and Erika continue to feel the effects of the previous miniseries, and several COBRA operatives are introduced for the first time in an IDW book!”

Absolutely freaking awesome.  I cannot wait to get my hands on this book.  Really looking forward to it.

Other G.I. Joe related entries, all slated to be released in January, 2010 include:

NOV09 0809      GI JOE COBRA II #1      01/27/10        SRP: $3.99       = $
NOV09 0812      GI JOE MOVIE SNAKE EYES #4      01/27/10        SRP: $3.99       = $
NOV09 0814      GI JOE #14      01/27/10        SRP: $3.99       = $
NOV09 0816      GI JOE ORIGINS #11      01/27/10        SRP: $3.99       = $
NOV09 0818      GI JOE BEST OF BARONESS TP      01/27/10        SRP: $19.99      = $
NOV09 1240      GI JOE COBRA ISLAND AF ASST (C: 1-1-3)  01/27/10        SRP: $49.99   = $
NOV09 1241      GI JOE MOVIE AF COLLECTION 1 ASST 201001 (C:1-1-3)  01/27/10        SRP: $12.99      = $
NOV09 1242      GI JOE MOVIE BRAVO VEHICLE W/AF ASST 201001 (C:1-1-3)  01/27/10        SRP: $39.99      = $
NOV09 1383      GI JOE CLASSIC COBRA COMMANDER BOBBLE HEAD      01/27/10        SRP:$11.99   = $
NOV09 1384      GI JOE CLASSIC GUNG HO BOBBLE HEAD      01/27/10        SRP: $11.99      = $
NOV09 1385      GI JOE CLASSIC DUKE BOBBLE HEAD 01/27/10        SRP: $11.99      = $
NOV09 1386      GI JOE CLASSIC DESTRO BOBBLE HEAD       01/27/10        SRP: $11.99      = $”

A big thanks to Jeff Bohn for the info.