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Test shot images of upcoming Cycle Armor w/ Ashiko Pursuit of COBRA vehicle

One of the coolest things I saw from JoeCon photos in August had to have been this item.  An Alpha Class vehicle that was a bad ass motorcycle that also turns into a suit of killer robot power armor?!?  I mean, come on.  How can that go wrong?

Well, Gyre-Viper from got his hands on a test shot, and early reports aren’t real encouraging.  Sounds like the parts and pieces aren’t real sturdy and he wasn’t all that impressed.  Of course keep in mind his is a test shot, and there’s a distinct possibility things will be a whole lot sturdier in final form.

I actually really like the figure, too.  I thought Wraith was a pretty nice Anniversary figure (fragile arm cables aside) that got an undeservedly bad rap.  The Wraith armor fits in seamlessly with the Rise and Pursuit of COBRA theme, so this looks pretty neat to me. The new head sculpt sells it, too.

Anyway, Gyre-Viper was cool enough to snap a ton of pics of his new acquisition, which I’m mirroring below.  I’ll judge for sure once I get it in hand.  It certainly looks pretty awesome, I think, but I’m a guy who likes playing with his toys, so we’ll have to see where it goes from there.

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Impressive reviews emerge for G.I. Joe: COBRA Special #1

It takes a lot of guts to emulate a timeless comic like Watchmen, especially when it comes to the fifth issue, but the guys at IDW, Mike Costa specifically, sought out to do just that when telling the tale of Tomax and Xamot in the G.I. Joe: COBRA Special, which was officially released yesterday (though I reviewed an advanced copy over a week ago).  A few sites across the web have done reviews of this issue, and the results have been glowing.  Check out some links below.

G.I. Joe: Review Podcast Episode 26 is online – Herb Trimpe interviewed!

The guys at G.I. Joe Review have posted their latest episode of the G.I. Joe Review Podcast, including an interview with Herb Trimpe!  Plus the guys review G.I. Joe #50 including the preview of Special Missions.

You can listen to the latest episode via the integrated MP3 player now:

All of the pertinent info (subscription links, discussion links, etc…) can be found below: