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Halo Anime Movie? Why did no one tell me about this?!?

I suppose I should lose my geek credentials, because for the first time I’ve stumbled across “Halo Legends”, an anime project similar to the Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knights DVD’s that feature several different stories from several different creative teams, all done in an anime style.  I consider myself a Halo connoisseur (even though I haven’t yet played ODST) and this is news to me.

Check out the Preview via YouTube (and GameTrailers) below:

SpikeTV also apparently recently released a four-minute clip, as well.

That’s some cool stuff right there.  Supposedly this hits all formats in early 2010.  Something to look forward to!

More progress on the COBRA Foyer construction for Darkness Falls

Throughout the week I’ve been burning the midnight oil working on the COBRA Foyer for the Darkness Falls dio-story, and am happy to report that I’m pretty much done.  Pretty much all I have left is to glue some stones on the third arch, and maybe clean up some of the white foamcore showing through.  Besides that, I think I’m happy where I’m at.

Now, I’ve started work on the COBRA Comm Center, which is a computer console room.  My initial plans kind of went out the window unfortunately as Michael’s apparently no longer carries the “Texture Copper” scrap book paper by ProvoCraft.  🙁

So, I had to adjust those plans a bit, but construction is still going forward on that one.  Check out the gallery below for the most recent progress pics on the COBRA Foyer.

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