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New toys are a’comin… BBTS has Wave 5 IN STOCK NOW including Snake Eyes!

Hot on the heels of HasbroToyShop and BigBadToyStore receiving their shipments of Rise of COBRA Wave 4 figures, it looks like Wave 5 is hitting as well! has each figure listed as “Coming Soon” (including the much anticipated City Strike Snake Eyes), and I just received notification from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store, that my pre-orders were being filled for the same assortment!  I’m not even done with the reviews for the last assortment yet!

Check the following links:

Latest JoeCanuck Newsletter is online in all its silent glory…

Damn, has it been twenty-one issues already?  Once a month for nearly two years?  Yeah, I guess it has, and a big kudos goes out to the JoeCanuck guys for the blood, sweat, and tears that they put into this free newsletter on a monthly basis.  They continue to raise the bar for fan-based publications, and this issue is no different.

As you should expect, the number “21” has a certain distinct meaning to any Joe fan, and the JoeCanuck folks took that to heart with their latest newsletter, and did an AWESOME job of it.  I was smiling the whole way through.

Check out the latest issue right here, and find any back issues you want at their site as well.  Also, be sure to stop by and let them know how you liked it!

The impact of G.I. Joe #21…

Thanks to Mysterious Stranger for pointing out this excellent article on G.I. Joe #21, written by Shaenon K. Garrity, Manga Editor at Viz who writes a bit about the impact that G.I. Joe #21 had on her husband’s life.  It’s really an entertaining read that paints an extremely flattering picture of this particular issue, of G.I. Joe as a comic entity, and especially of the indelible mark left on the brand by Larry Hama.

There’s nothing exceptionally news worthy in the article, but it’s just one small example of the impact that the Marvel G.I. Joe comic series had on comic professionals, and comic readers, who aren’t necessarily G.I. Joe fans.  Check it out here.

G.I. Joe: COBRA Special #1 – Advanced Review!

EDIT – I’ve been informed by IDW that there was a slight shipping error, and the book will actually hit local comic shops on September 30th, NOT the 23rd.

The G.I. Joe: COBRA Special is officially released tomorrow September 30th, but GeneralsJoes has the exclusive advanced copy review for you right here!  Check it out in all of its minor spoilery goodness at the “Read the rest of this entry” link below.