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Hasbro Q & A Confirms G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Sequel

I think everyone figured it was a done deal anyway, but somewhat lost in the shuffle was that the G.I. Joe Q & A answers on have confirmed that there will definitely be a Rise of COBRA sequel!

Q. Has the box office receipts of GI Joe: Rise of Cobra met or exceeded Hasbro’s expectations? Are they enough to officially green light a sequel?

A. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra box office results are strong globally, and Paramount has confirmed that there will be sequel.

So there you have it.  Thanks to Ed Dam of for pointing that out to me as I kind of glossed over it while gathering all the links together.

Revolutionary G.I. Joe: COBRA Special #1 from IDW hits comic shops next week

Another kudos goes out to Phil Kost at JoeReloaded for breaking the news about next week’s release of G.I. Joe: COBRA Special #1.  Following hot on the heels of the critically (and fandom) acclaimed G.I. Joe: COBRA limited series, it tells the tale of twin brothers in a very different fashion.  Read the full press release by clicking the “Read the Rest of the Entry” link below.  This book sounds kick ass.


Some more peeks at upcoming Wal-Mart Battle Station packs

Rulz over at HissTank adds two more Battle Stations to his COBRA Surveillance Port and has posted some very nice pictorials with a few details that we may not have seen.  This time around, he showcases the Outpost Defender w/ Roadblock and Tripwire as well as the Laser Artillary Weapon with General Hawk and Grand Slam.

Once again I feel like these miss the boat a bit.  It’s great seeing the Resolute Roadblock, but those colors are pretty horrible.  The mustard yellow and strange hybrid desert camouflage just doesn’t really work to me.  Tripwire looks okay, but he looks a lot like Grand Slam, only with some tiger stripes slapped on.  They seem pretty random, and he doesn’t come close to matching the actual Tiger Force version of the character, so I’m not entirely sure why they’re there.

I absolutely love the single pack General Hawk, so it’s cool to see him here with green camouflage legs, but did we really need yet another Grand Slam on the shelves at the same time as the Target exclusive version?  The guy got two versions in twenty-five years, and now we’re working on his fourth in two years, and his second in a matter of weeks.  What really stinks is none of them really looks that different from another…except for the fact that they have different heads.  Odd.

The Battle Stations themselves look okay…I really like the sandbags and the overall look of the Outpost Defender, and the LAW is actually growing on me somewhat, but neither of them really screams “Buy Me!” at the $18.00 price tag.  Check out the mirrored images below.

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G.I. Joe Sequel to start filming this year?

Take the info with a grain of salt, but Byung Hun Lee fansite, Byeung of our Hearts is reporting that a translated article from a Korean newspaper reports that the G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA star is set to reprise his role as Storm Shadow in the sequel, possibly as early as this year!  According to the translated article:

“It was from BH Entertainment’s latest release that Byunghun will start filming the sequel of Storm Shadow in GI Joe 2.. as early as end of the year going for the first 6 months of 2010. Because of the successful outing of ‘GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra’ with US$288 million revenue worldwide, the production is wasting no time to start with the sequel. Lee Byung Hun’s management team is coordinating with the Hollywood production to really plan on Byunghun’s filming schedule for the coming year. He had also signed on for the 3rd movie.”


Awesome news.  Each day I’m growing fonder and fonder of this new world that Hasbro and Paramount are crafting, I can’t wait for movie fever to start ramping up again, pissed off fanboys and all. If nothing else, it makes operating a fansite a hell of a lot more interesting.