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High Res Images of upcoming Toys “R” Us 5-Packs

The Terror Drome has scored some nice high resolution pictures of the soon-to-be-released COBRA and G.I. Joe 5-Packs coming to a Toys “R” Us store near you.  The COBRA one leaves me very cold, being pretty much a pack full of straight-reissue troop builders.  The G.I. Joe pack, however, rocks my world.  I’m not a fan of desert figures in the least, but the wealth of new characters, the very unique reuse of parts, and the impressive paint apps all come together to make one slick looking set.  Dial Tone, Law, Footloose, and Repeater are all very cool additions to the growing cast of characters, even if two of them look somewhat out of place compared to their vintage look (and one of them even had an operation…  :shifty: ).

I love the female Dial Tone concept, and this figure looks great.  Footlose, I think, looks absolutely awesome, even in the desert colors.  Ironically, Repeater is probably the closest to his vintage look uniform-wise, but apparently had a race change along the way.  Oh, those Hasbro designers, how they love to drive the vintage purists crazy…

Check out the images below.

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In hand images of upcoming Leatherneck

Not two minutes after I ranted heavily about the upcoming Alpha vehicles, I read over on JoeBattleLines that madmac41 got his mits on the Leatherneck that is slated to come with the Tiger Claw ATV.  And even though I focused almost an entire paragraph on ranting about this figure specifically, I do appreciate a neat looking figure, even if it’s not the vintage homage so many folks were hoping for, and even if he uses Gung Ho’s clunky head sculpt and Buzzer’s downright bizarre webgear.

At least it’s a Leatherneck that can jungle crawl, though, instead of one stuck in the desert.  Check out the great images below!

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High Res product images for latest wave of Alpha class vehicles

Awash with repaints and retools, the next wave of Alpha Vehicles consists of a mostly blech repaint of a mostly blech vehicle, the Lava Pod, however, the Volcano-Viper looks all sorts of kick ass.  Pretty funny how he uses the same tooling as the arctic Ice-Viper, yet the ultra-hot weather specialist still looks right at home.  A bad ass head sculpt and mask don’t hurt.

The Rockslide is no great shakes either, but the digicam Dusty looks pretty nasty as a great modern update for the familiar old favorite.  Hopefully the final version comes with his head scarf, I can’t recall if we saw it during the various convention photo shoots.  My least favorite of this underwhelming trio is the TigerClaw, a haphazard repaint and retool of the already haphazard Snake Trax w/ Scrap Iron.  But what really bums me out here is the vehicle driver.  If they’re going to give us a Leatherneck in green camouflage, couldn’t they at least have made it a pure homage to the ’86 version, rather than this strange dark forest camo?  At least that way they’d make the old school folks happy…instead, we get a bizarrly kitbashed version that is unchanged from the original other than a different camouflage scheme that still doesn’t look like the right camouflage scheme.  The figure isn’t really a bad one, I guess…he does have some neat military elements, but I can hear those complaints coming a mile away.

Ah, well, at least he’s got the fixed Duke arms.  Check out the images below.

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GeneralsJoes wants your input on Darkness Falls…

Production is continuing hot and heavy on the next monster Dio-Story installment, Darkness Falls.  I’ve torn through set construction fairly nicely, getting the large COBRA Foyer about 75% done, and writing up concepts (and working on budgets…  :shifty: ) for the last two sets required for the story.  I’ve already edited the story considerably to eliminate one of the more complicated set pieces that seemed unnecessary, and have further tweaked the script.

I really think folks will like this one…until the ending at least.  I have a couple things that might piss some folks off.  We’ll see.  🙂

Anyway.  I’m looking for your input, GeneralsJoes readers.  I’ve launched a poll at trying to decide a few things.  The first thing up for debate:  Figure format.

My dio-stories have always been strictly old school o-ring (well, “old school” meaning new sculpts up through 2005), mainly because the Anniversary/Modern Era stuff wasn’t around yet.  But I have a number of newer figures (prior to the Rise of COBRA stuff, that’s being reserved for the “next chapter” if there will be one) that I really want to use.  But I want to get a barometer for what folks want to see.  So, give me your input.  Check out the poll below and let me know your thoughts.

Unreleased Comic Pack test shots continue to emerge

Mere days after the unreleased Training Snake Eyes was shown on JoeIntel, test shot maestro Gyre-Viper at has shown some pictures of the unreleased “Iron Klaw Trooper” that was initially slated to come with another wave of Comic Packs before the line shifted to a movie theme.  Check out the mirrored images below.

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This…  is awesome.  From what I’ve seen there hasn’t been much unreleased stuff that has really made me sad that it won’t make it to retail.  Resolute stuff aside of course (which looks to be coming in a boxed set in 2010).  But this Iron Klaw Trooper?  Damn, man.  I love it.   I was a big fan of the Extreme universe, but the figures were horrible, it’s freaking great to see those characters worked into the Anniversary line, even with just a new head, beret, weapon, and webgear.  The base figure looks to be an Iron Grenadier Destro.  Regardless of all this, the figure is very cool, and I hope Hasbro finds some way to work this tooling into the Pursuit of COBRA line.  I really love the face sculpt and skull-themed webgear.  Very cool figure.

He also showcased some images from the upcoming Pursuit of COBRA Arctic Destro, which is another pretty neat one.  Those ice-cased accessories are pretty cool and the sculpt is great.  Check out those images below.

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