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Fantastic pictorial for unreleased Resolute Training Snake Eyes is quickly making a name for itself as a “go to” site for some great G.I. Joe tidbits, and it continues the tradition with a very nice assortment of images of the unreleased “Training Snake Eyes”.  This figure was a Resolute Comic Pack figure, originally slated to come with Night Creeper, but never got released to retail.  Just looking at the figure itself, it doesn’t really seem to fit the Rise of COBRA aesthetic, so I’m not sure it’s something we’ll ever see at this point.  That wave of comic packs was originally going to feature Duke (Scuba) vs. Lamprey as well as Snake Eyes (Training) vs. Night Creeper.

notpicard from JoeIntel managed to get his hands on this very unique item, and was gracious enough to share images on JoeIntel, and allow GeneralsJoes to host them as well.  Like Storm Shadow (who came with some Dice-like accessories), Snake Eyes comes with some similar gear as Slice did back in the vintage days.  Check out the thread at JoeIntel here, and take a peek at the images below.

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Great images of G.I. Joe SkySweeper w/ Air Raid

Mysterious Stranger over at JoeBattleLines just posted new images of his recent purchase – a Rise of COBRA G.I. Joe SkySweeper w/ Air Raid.  And…  wow.  I just officially fell in love with this vehicle.

I’ve been avoiding the repaints, simply because I have most of the originals, and with the price of vehicles these days, I just need to be more selective, but they made enough tooling changes on the Firebat to really make this an awesome new vehicle…and being at the Alpha price point to boot, this is a no brainer.  The enhanced engines, the landing skids…small changes, but they make an absolute WORLD of difference.  Add in the figure, which is a very nice repaint of Resolute Duke from the 5-Pack, and this is definitely a set worth buying, especially for that price.  Interesting that Air Raid’s file name and file card indicate that he’s Airborne, but still a minor issue for a very nice looking figure.  This is an absolute winner!

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New TS118 Forumer Site now online

Flash from the TS118 forums has notified us that they are moving!  Check the message below for full details.

TS118 Case File 09-001:

Toy Soldier 1:18 Proboards will be decommissioned anytime soon and we’ve already prepared a NEW TS118 forumer site with the following new features:

  • No more annoying pop-ups i.e. Travian, (previously experienced from Proboards)
  • Same Board Index and Threads Format (ease of use with better site security / screening)
  • Soon, faster Access to Site Affiliates (GeneralsJoes, Joecustoms, TFPh, AFP, PTK, etc)
  • Soon, Up to date Site Updates and Local GI Joe and other 1:18 scale military action figure sightings in the TS118 blogspot (via Twitter/Facebook), keeping you abreast with what is happening and what is out locally; retail/hobby shop sightings and releases.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your new TS118 Forumer account and join the board discussions of the Philippines’ one and only local online forum that focuses on 1:18 military-themed action figures (GI Joe, BBI Elite Forces, FOV, etc) at our new forums:
or may also be accessed thru

You can also visit our blog site at for figure reviews and a quick link to our Forumer site.

Hoo-ah Soldier, HOO-AH!

The current proboards site may appear to be active over the course of the next few days, but it will be taken down soon so gather up your old posts and carry them over to the new site. We would highly encourage everyone to start / restart / continue all 1:18 scale action figure talk in our new forumer site. See y’all there, soldiers.