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Insanely cool and detailed article online about CGI Effects in the Rise of COBRA

With much thanks to Dave Thornton for the link, The CGSociety has posted an absolutely exhaustive look at the myriad of special effects and CGI work that went into G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA, and posted their feature right here.  Granted a lot of the information is based on the various different pieces of software and technical expertise required for such an endeavor, but there are some pretty cool images and details mixed in that are quite interesting to those of us out of the CGI “loop”.

Once again, check out the article here.

New Alpha Class vehicles on

With thanks to kennywr22 on, apparently Wal-Mart’s online site now has the following Alpha Class Rise of COBRA vehicles available for order:

While the Snarler Cycle utilizes new tooling, both the Mantis and the Skysweeper use existing molds (though the Skysweeper at least modified the Firebat somewhat), and all figures are repaints of previous releases.  Ironically, Rollbar uses the parts from the 25th Anniversary Airborne, yet doesn’t use his name, and the “Air Raid” figure that comes with the Skysweeper uses Airborne’s filecard information (including his file name) but has a different code name.  For a quick peek at these vehicles, check out the gallery below, and of course, for all release information, hit up the Rise of COBRA SuperPage.

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The Five Reasons to buy the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe (2nd Edition) – #3

#3 – The pictures.

What good is a reference guide and price guide without decent pictures?  While the images in the first edition of the Ultimate G.I. Joe Guide were certainly servicable, there were a number that had some lighting issues, layout issues, or other minor composition issues that just limited how effective the pictures were.

Well, the second edition changes all of that in a big way.  Unhappy with images in the previous volume himself, Mr. Bellomo enlisted the aid of a professional photographer to go through every single one of his G.I. Joe toys and shoot with the proper lighting and arrangement to really bring the pictures to the next level.  The end result is a book that is infinitely more functional and feature-filled than the previous edition.  There is an absolute world of difference between volume one and this second edition, and you’ll see it on every page.

Order the book now from or see how you can win one for free here.

GeneralsJoes Reviews Marauder IDS Battle Stands

A scant few years ago, Marauder “Gun Runners” redefined the accessory world for 1:18th scale action figures.  Weapons, distribution of M & C diorama accessories, and reaching out to the fans for ideas are things that other companies just hadn’t grasped.  I would even argue that Marauder’s excellent weapon alternatives has pushed Hasbro harder to reinvent their own concepts for accesorization and has made the toy world better as a whole.

Now, a few years later, Marauder has done it again, this time with Battle Stands.  Hasbro obviously understands the appeal of these items, including them with nearly every single Anniversary figure and Rise of COBRA figure out there, but it took Marauder to do them right.  With an absolutely amazingly simple, yet effective design scheme, and some real world collector sensibility behind it, the IDS Battle Stands were born.

Read the review right here!