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The Five Reasons to buy the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe (2nd Edition) – #4

03#4 – Support the collector!

Yesterday I mentioned the exclusive GeneralsJoes contest that was running where you can win one of two copies of the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe (2nd Edition) by Mark Bellomo.  The full details are right here.

Well, I continue to talk about 5 reasons why every Joe fan needs to own this book…and #4 should resonate with all of us.  Even though he’s turned it into a business, above and beyond all else, Mark Bellomo is a collector.  This work has been a labor of love for him, and was born from his collector and fanboy nature.  He’s proud to proclaim that he owns every single piece featured in his books, which is a mammoth accomplishment, to say the least.  Mr. Bellomo doesn’t just write about this stuff…he LOVES it.

Any G.I. Joe fan needs to own this book.  I’m sorry, it’s just essential.  If you don’t want to wait for the contest to run its course, hit to pick up your copy.  You will definitely not regret it.

Great images of Target Exclusive Serpent Armor

Terror Drome member RainbowViper has posted a really nice review with some great pictures of the very recently released Serpent Armor w/ Viper Commando Target Exclusive set.  This set features a nice black and red repaint of the infamous SNAKE Armor, as well as an absolutely BAD ASS dark repaint of the Neo-Viper.  Though, again, he’s being called a Viper Commando for some strange reason.  No matter what his name is, though, the figure looks absolutely awesome in the dark black paint scheme with those crazy looking red eyes.  Love it.

I’ve hosted some of the images below.

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