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More on the Marvel/Disney merger

Rosa from was kind enough to direct me to a video on their site offering some insight from the recent news about the Marvel Comics and Disney “merger” (or takeover, as would be more appropriate).  They posted a great video looking at different media angles as well as fan opinions, and I’ve embedded it below:

Time will tell what this ultimately means for both companies, as well as their licensors (like Hasbro), but you can be sure there will be some sorts of changes coming down the pipe.  You can find the original video on their site here.

Very nice images of Tunnel Rat/Monkeywrench and upcoming Bench-Press TRU Exclusive

Our man cmderinchief is back at it again, with some more breakdowns of recently released and soon-to-be-released figures!  Over at JoeBattleLines, he’s posted a couple of very nice galleries of the upcoming Tunnel Rat/Monkeywrench Wal-Mart 2-Pack as well as the not yet released Bench-Press Toys “R” Us Exclusive.  Check ’em out below!

Wal-Mart Tunnel Rat/Monkeywrench

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Toys “R” Us Bench-Press

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Pit Commando and Paris Pursuit Baroness added to review archive!

I know my reviews have slacked a bit, but only because I couldn’t find these items in stores!  Finally got my hands on what I wanted, though, and the most in depth reviews you’ll find anywhere have been posted to the Rise of COBRA Review Page!  Also, follow the links below.

Two VERY cool figures.  Awesome additions to the already impressive Rise of COBRA library.

A whole ton of nice images of upcoming COBRA Mantis w/ Aqua-Viper

A big thanks goes out to Dennis of the COBRA Collection Blog, who has done a review and kindly shared a wealth of images for the upcoming COBRA Mantis vehicle w/ Aqua-Viper.  Part of the Alpha series of Rise of COBRA  vehicles, the Mantis is a repaint/re-release of the Valor Vs. Venom Sting Raider, and actually fits in with the movie style pretty well.  The movie deco Lamprey repaint (now with a cool removable helmet) finishes off the package very nicely.  Check out the images below!

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