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Sideshow Collectibles giving Joe fans Christmas in September.

I’ve been a bit behind posting some news updates as I had to go through a marathon 25 hour laptop upgrade project for work over the past two days, but hopefully I’ll start catching up.  First order of business is that for longtime Joe fans who are in love with the vintage look, Sideshow Collectibles continues to put out exceedingly impressive product.  In the past two weeks, reports have come of the COBRA Trooper shipping to folks who ordered it, and just yesterday a poster at HissTank reported that Storm Shadow arrived!

These items are pricey, but they are fantastic, in my humble opinion.  I’ve only had a chance to pick up Snake Eyes so far, but if he is any indication of the quality of these items, vintage fans are going to have a pretty sweet display shelf of 12″ greatness coming forward.  In a recent Q & A, Sideshow even confirmed that they have a Battle Helmet version of COBRA’s notorious Commander in the works!  Anyway, if you’ve missed out on any of this stuff, you haven’t necessarily missed the boat. Both items are currently sold out, but Sideshow’s wait list has given collectors some great second chances in the past.  Click the banners below to get on the list for the COBRA Trooper and the Storm Shadow!

Cobra Trooper 12-inch Figure

Storm Shadow 12-inch Figure

New items being spotted at brick and mortal retail

To go along with recent reports of the Toys “R” Us Exclusive Attack on the Pit multipack, reports are coming in that Target has gotten in on the act, with recent shipments of the “Rescue Mission” 4-Pack hitting retail.  According to a Target employee on, initial release schedules were for October 11th, but apparently some stores are getting an early hit.

While it doesn’t pack as much punch as the Attack on the Pit set does, I’m starting to warm up to the Rescue Mission set as well.  I really love the spandex Duke to go along with the Ripcord from TRU’s set, and that Resolute Snake Eyes is the coolness no matter how he’s used.  I’m actually really looking forward to getting that figure in hand, too, I think he’ll look pretty bad ass in all black with the Paris Pursuit head sculpt.

Two Neo-Vipers round off the boxed set, which are all well and good, too.  While this set clocks in at $19.99 ($5 cheaper than the Attack on the Pit) I don’t think it quite offers as much bang for your buck.  The Toys “R” Us set comes with 5 figures instead of 4, plus the Molepod!  Quite a bonus for five more dollars.  Check out the image below.



To go along with this, several HissTank members are reporting that the Toys “R” Us Exclusive Bench Press and Snow Serpent have also been spotted at retail stores as well.

Collectors Clamor for Classic Toys in “Birthday Bids” Auction to Benefit Toy Industry Foundation

In celebration of the various anniversaries and birthdays of some of the top toy brands in the world, the Toy Industry Foundation has launched several benefit auctions to support children in need.  These auctions will be sold through eBay at (search for Toy Industry Foundation).  In celebration of G.I. Joe’s 45th Anniversary, an exclusive golf bag and movie poster signed by the director, producer, and cast of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA.

For the full Press Release, click the “Read the rest of this entry” link below.  Let’s step up, G.I. Joe fans, this is for a great cause!


HasbroToyShop has Wave 5 up for pre-order NOW!

G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Wave 5 has been listed on HasbroToyShop for a while, but only as “Coming Soon”…well, this morning, the pre-order gates have opened!  Each figure (including the spectacular City Strike Snake Eyes) are now up for pre-order.  Looks like figures will begin shipping October 19th, but judging by how much in demand Snake Eyes seems to be, you may want to jump on this boat early at a decent price.

Don’t forget to use gijoe10 for a 10% discount!

The really exciting thing about this to me, is that it sounds very much like the awesome Pursuit of COBRA stuff will start hitting late this year…can’t wait for that.  Go get ’em!

City Strike Snake Eyes reviewed!! Night Adder, Kamakura, etc… as well

I’ve been getting a smattering of new assortments at my house coming here and there and have posted some reviews for your consumption!  The highlight is by far Snake Eyes (City Strike) so he gets top billing, but that’s not all that I’ve got posted.  I also slightly revamped the Rise of COBRA Review Page because I wasn’t especially happy with the layout.  Check out the reviews below!

  1. Snake Eyes (City Strike)
  2. Kamakura
  3. Night Adder
  4. Red Fang Ninja

Is City Strike Snake Eyes as good as everyone thinks he is?  Yes, yes he is.