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Nice review and some images for upcoming Wave 4 Charbroil

Over on, chrysophylax got a hold of Rise of COBRA Wave 4 Charbroil, and has posted a pretty neat mini-review with a nice handful of pictures.  I’ve mirrored those pictures right below.

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This figure I’m pretty lukewarm on.  There are some neat parts…I love the idea of the COBRA Commander chrome head underneath the helmet to make the goggles look reflective.  That’s actually really neat, though it obviously affects the helmet removal.  The Blowtorch vest over some of the Resolute parts works nicely, though, and gives the figure a somewhat unique new look.  Vintage purists will rant that he looks nothing like Charbroil, but I’ve got no issues with that.  The figure has grown on me somewhat, but is still probably one of my least favorite of Wave 4.

Sneak peek at early Pursuit of COBRA pre-production Ripcord and Zartan

Notorious pre-production and prototype fanatic Gyre-Viper over at got his hands on some very early test shots for the upcoming Pursuit of COBRA Zartan and Ripcord (Desert Battle) figures.  These figures are slated as early 2010 releases, but could see retail release during the holidays of 2009.  And yeah, these images only serve to cement my excitement for the upcoming new direction of G.I. Joe.

While the anniversary was great for what it was, G.I. Joe needs a fresh take and a new “mythology” in my mind.  I love and appreciate everything that was in the Real American Hero history, but at this point it’s gotta be considered history.  Too many things just don’t translate into cool toys these days if you’re so married to how things were designed twenty-five years ago.  Hasbro is taking the core of the Real American Hero mythos and really changing a lot of the elements to make it more 21st Century with a heavy injection of Metal Gear Solid, Ghost in the Shell, and other very cool semi-futuristic influences.  The result is toy perfection.  I really love these figures, and even without paint apps or much detail, these test shots only further that opinion.

Check out the thread on HissTank here, and mirrored images below.

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I love the Reactive Armor uniform below Ripcord’s flight suit, and the detail on his backpack and vest is just insane.  I love how the Joe stuff looks a bit less streamlined here, and kind of more “cobbled together” as far as the technology goes.  It’s crazy.

Zartan looks very “sorcerer” like and truly looks Aboriginal and mysterious, which is a great look, too.

I cannot WAIT for 2010.  Awesome stuff in the wings, for sure.