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BBTS News: 25% Off GI Joe, SDCC Exclusives, Doctor Who, 1/18 Vehicles & More

Hi – Here is a quick update from about more
new arrivals, new preorders, and a pair of exciting new sales


We’ve just slashed pricing on all GI Joe 25th single figures, vehicles,
mighty muggs, Hall of Heroes and other Joes.   Many items were already
discounted in the past and now have another 25% off added on top of that.
Many singles are under $4!    Take a look through the GI Joe menu and give
your troops a boost with cheap-o reinforcements


A quartet of TV Spots added to the Rise of COBRA SuperPage

Even though most Joe fans these days have seen the Rise of Cobra film, I still love watching these TV Spots, so when SNAKE EYES posted links to some more on, I decided to add them to the SuperPage.

These’ll have to hold me over until DVD time.  I’ve seen the film twice already, but I want to watch it again…forcing myself to wait for Blu-Ray, though, the theaters around here are garbage.

Very cool videos from JoeCon by

We can funnel all the information you want from JoeCon, but there are always a ton of interesting details at the roundtables that don’t seem to filter out to the sites.  Luckily, the great guys at JoeCustoms let the video cameras roll and have posted part 1 of a video series from the Hasbro Panel at JoeCon 2009!  Check it out below.