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More details on the Convention Extras – Exclusives REVEALED!

With a big thanks to jamar miller, and spiderpumpkin from Blood for the Baron and HissTank, we have some nice added details about the Convention comic, and final confirmation on the exclusive items being offered at the convention!  The list is below:

  • JUMP 2-Pack w/ Starduster and Manleh (LE 650)
  • 3-Pack of Sgt. Shimick, Sgt. Topson, and Sgt. Redmack (LE 650)
  • Crimson Command Copter (LE 400)
  • Gyro-Copter w/ Blades (LE 500)
  • G.I. Joe and COBRA Weapons Set (LE 1,000)

I’ve also mirrored some images from spiderpumpkins Photo Gallery below.  Big thanks to everyone, especially jamar, for the info!

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First report from JoeCon – Possible Convention Exclusives??

GeneralsJoes and JoeBattleLines just got the first intel straight from Kansas City as JoeCon is getting underway!  JBL Staffmember madmac41 called in to report that the attendee exclusive vehicle is a repaint COBRA FANG!

Done up in silver and sort of in “Argentina” colors to match Glenda/Pilot Scarlett.  A free comic also came with the Convention set, and the comic features the following characters (that are possibly convention exclusives):

As you can see by following those links above, each of these figures could easily be cobbled together with existing Anniversary parts.  Other characters appearing in the comic were Glenda, Starduster, and someone in a “red beret” who may or may not be tied to Action Force.  Keep in mind, this is a comic with art and is not any kind of definitive list about what figures are coming as Convention exclusives tomorrow, but it’s a nice start!

A big thanks to Scott from JoeBattleLines for the info!

Resolute Arctic Cobra Commander figure revealed!

Shin Densetsu over at reports on an image that finally reveals the Arctic COBRA Commander rumored to be released in comic pack form earlier this year.  Obviously based on his Resolute look, it’s a pretty neat version of the COBRA leader, and a nice peek at a figure that may never see the light of day.  Check the image mirrored below.


JoeDeclassified returns to the G.I. Joe Convention in 2009!

The Joe Declassified Project will return to the G.I.Joe Collector’s Convention this year, and arriving back with a bang.  For those that were able to visit us last year, you were privy to see some of the the coolest and most revealing Joe items of your collecting career.  This year, we plan to return with more of the same, as well as another issue of our free newsletter!  This one will be printed in full color, and come in at over 20 pages of Joe material, including a huge behind the scenes peek at DDP’s WWIII storyline by Mike O’Sullivan himself. Check out last year’s newsletter here. If you love this hobby like we do, then come on by our booth!

The Joe Declassified Mission Statement:

We feel that it is high time that we, the fans of G.I.Joe, take up the responsibility of ensuring the growth of our hobby – both in wealth of knowledge, and broadening the fan base to welcome everyone into the overarching community.  As collectors, we have all spoken of, or heard others speak of things they wish to see in the community; secrets to be revealed, collecting tools made available, and so forth. We aim to go out of our way to ensure these voices are heard, and these desires become reality. We wish to work with other existing groups that are fan owned, operated and oriented, and seek to put aside those here solely to profit at the collectors expense; those who hold no love for our hobby.

We are putting our money where our mouth is. None of our endeavors will be for profit. A stronger, collaborative community is reward enough. Our newsletter was, and will continue to be, free to the collector. Our website aims to aid fellow collectors in every way possible, while stripping away old trappings that have discouraged us all in the past. With you, we will forge a stronger and united community based on sharing, inclusion and assistance. Now is the time for us to all come together and lead G.I.JOE back to being the number one toy brand is has been various times in the past. With you, we can make this happen. The future is yours.

Thank you for making this hobby better,

Sam “Nomad” Damon