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Interesting sale at for Rise of COBRA product

snakeeyes_nightcreeperThanks to the Terror Drome for pointing out an interesting sale where you can purchase selective various Rise of COBRA product and receive free bonuses depending on what you pick out.  A lot of items come with a Wal-Mart Gift Card, but some also come with a bonus comic!  Like the sale, this sale looks like it comes with a bonus comic that never came out with one of the cancelled Comic Packs, this time the Snake Eyes vs. Night Creeper one.

Check out the GI Joe shop here, and find a way to get that comic!

Comic Sensation Greg Horn appearing at JoeCon this week!

In case folks weren’t aware, Greg Horn, who is a big name in the comics world himself, will be appearing at JoeCon this week!  He’s done numerous G.I. Joe related projects like some of the awesome painted comic pack covers, and convention related items as well.  The full details are below:

Greg Horn is appearing at this year’s G.I. Joe Convention, with a
limited edition Baroness print, this weekend (August 14-16).

Greg Horn is best known for his artwork on MARVEL COMIC’s titles
ELEKTRA, EMMA FROST, and SHE-HULK.  He is currently the regular cover
artist on the acclaimed series MS. MARVEL by Brian Reed.   On the
licensing front, Greg’s art has been used on just about any piece of
merchandise you can think of!    With WARNER BROS’ licensing division,
Greg has provided spot illustrations based on the SUPERMAN RETURNS
movie, and also an original painting for MATTEL’s board game
Kryptonite Crisis.  Other recent WB projects have included a Superman
poster for CLAMPETT STUDIOS, and several illustrations of NBA star
Lebron James for POWERADE and ESPN.

Greg has also been the artist for the following G.I. Joe products:

G.I. Joe Comic 2 Packs Issue 14 Cover
G.I. Joe Comic 2 Packs Issue 25 Cover
G.I. Joe Comic 2 Packs Issue 30 Cover
G.I. Joe Comic 2 Packs Issue 64 Cover
G.I. Joe Comic 2 Packs Issue 87 Cover
G.I. Joe Comic 2 Packs Issue 115 Cover
G.I. Joe 22 Buy Me Toys Serpentor Cover
Elektra vs Scarlett from Wizard 131
G.I. Joe Movie Dream Cast from Toyfare 81
G.I. Joe Convention 2008 Boxed Set Cover
G.I. Joe Convention 2009 Comic/Program Cover

Greg will have prints available of many of these images (including the
new limited Baroness image created for this years convention) and will
also be signing any books, magazines, action figures, anything he’s
provided the art for at this year’s G.I. Joe Convention (Greg appears
August 14-16).  The Convention takes place this weekend, August 13-16,
in Kansas City.

For more information, please visit the following:


Previews for IDW Comics Coming this week – Helix and G.I. Joe #8!

Thanks to Phil Kost from JoeReloaded for posting a couple of 5-page previews for upcoming IDW Comics this week, the highlight of which (for me, anyway) is the Helix special!  Ever since we first got a glimpse of that kick ass cover and the awesome figure I’ve wanted to see her in action…looks like this Wednesday I get my wish.  Check out the previews below for that, and G.I. Joe #8 as well!

Helix Special

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G.I. Joe #8

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