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TV Spot #12 is online – A bunch of great new footage!

You can always tell when a movie is about to hit theaters, as the TV Spots start hitting hard and heavy.  The twelveth spot is now online, thanks to HDTVSpots on YouTube.  Check it out embedded below!

Another clip of interest is from TVGuide Broadband, who posts some neat clips of the London premier, including very cool behind-the-scenes footage of Baroness facing off against Scarlett, among other things.  Check that out below.

Thanks to Sunbow Joe84 from for the intel on this!

Some fun activities for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA

Along with the previously reported Stephen Sommers behind the scene report, PPC Interactive has also posted a cleaner video of the cast appearing in London that I’d posted a short while ago.  Along with that video, there’s also apparently a new interactive game called GIJoeDojo.

GIJoeDojo looks to be a hilarious webcam-based game where you must deflect shuriken as they come flying in from all sides.  For a short instructional video on playing the game, check out the embedded video below.

G.I. JOE DOJO from PPC Interactive on Vimeo.

To see the aforementioned video of the G.I. Joe cast arriving at the London premier, check out that video below.

GI JOE: The Rise of Cobra Arrives in London from PPC Interactive on Vimeo.

Stephen Sommers discusses Accelerator Suit Paris Chase Scene has posted an exclusive behind-the-scenes video showing the Accelerator Suit chase that has gotten so much attention in various trailers, clips, and TV spots.  It’s a pretty funny and enlightening video clip with the director and actors that everyone should check out!  Click here to visit the site, and also peek at the embedded video below.  Big thanks to Stratos’ Twitter Page for the update!

G.I. JOE – Stephen Sommers in Paris from PPC Interactive on Vimeo.