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Another week-long review extraveganza – COBRA Island 7-Packs!

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been pumping out reviews…everything from Rise of COBRA figures to Shout! Factory DVD sets.  Well, the trend continues this week as I present another special weeklong review series.  This time, for the COBRA Island 7-Packs.

Starting tonight (Sunday) and rolling through next Saturday, I will be posting two figures per day, one Joe and one COBRA.  The same, full featured, tons of images reviews you expect from GeneralsJoes.  To check out the first two reviews, click the links below.  As more get posted, the 25th Anniversary section will be updated with links as well.


Some more last minute SDCC Images

SDCC has pretty much wrapped for 2009, but there are still some cool stragglers, image-wise.  Nomad over at JoeBattleLines has been in the trenches all weekend getting us some fantastic shots, which JBL has posted as a full gallery here.  Some of the more interesting images, though, I’m mirroring below.

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Over at The Terror Drome, someone also snagged a loose pic of Bench-Press as well, which I’ve hosted below.


Brendan Frasier is NOT Bench-Press

Big thanks to Mysterious Stranger who reports directly from San Diego ComicCon that he spoke with Hasbro reps on the convention floor, and they confirmed that Bench-Press is NOT Brendan Frasier’s “cameo” role in the film.  He also reports some other interesting information:

“Also, the figure was supposed to be the movie line Rock ‘n’ Roll but they had to change the name due to copyright issues.  Since they are now going into international territories with these figures the names have to clear internationally.  So Rock ‘n’ Roll wasn’t available somewhere and had to be changed.  Rather than just slap a new name on the figure they changed the character completely with a new bio, specialty and codename.  Unfortunately the Craig McConnel file name is an error on the card that got missed when it was produced.”

Thanks again to Mysterious Stranger for setting the facts straight.

Toys “R” Us Exclusive “Bench-Press” revealed at SDCC

Following up on last night’s promise, madmac41 at GeneralsJoes sister site JoeBattleLines has posted images of the upcoming Toys “R” Us Exclusive single packed Bench-Press figure.  We have carded images as well as a picture of his filecard.  The character appears to use Rock n Roll’s filename with a brand new character attached to it.  For months, Brendan Fraser has mentioned that his character in the Joe film is a descendent of his character in the Mummy…could this be him and not Sgt. Stone?

We’ll all find out in a couple of short weeks.