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Fantastic new pictures of Target Exclusive Rampage (Heavy Metal)

We’ve known about the exclusive RHINO w/ Rampage for a long time, and many folks have made the connection between the driver and the old school Heavy Metal, but very few really clear images have come out of the RHINO driver to compare.  Well, that’s all changed.

Werecat, an administrator over on JoeSightings has posted some excellent images of the recently released Rampage figure.  It is astounding how Hasbro can mix and match fairly common parts and come with with such an amazing looking new character.  This figure looks terrific, and looks quite close to the vintage counterpart.  I’m still not going to pay $55.00 for the RHINO, but now I can at least salivate over Werecat’s pictures for a little while.  Check out the images mirrored below.

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NEWS FLASH – New Product Listings emerge from San Diego ComicCon

Sources from within SDCC have reported to JoeBattleLines and GeneralsJoes that there is some great new product being prepped behind the scenes to be displayed in the Hasbro booth at ComicCon!  The biggest and best news is the following:

– A Desert-Themed 5-Pack that appears to include:

  • Zartan (possibly)
  • Law & Order
  • Dial Tone (Female)
  • Repeater
  • Footloose

Other new product has been revealed as the very popular “Battle Stations” from back in  the vintage days.  Some details are fuzzy, but the following battle stations were visible:

  • Surveillance Port (with movie themed Tele-Viper)
  • LAW (that appears to come with Tripwire)
  • MMS in the crimson “SMS” color scheme (that appears to come with Scrap Iron)
  • Outpost Defender (that appears to come with Roadblock…a Roadblock with the Resolute head sculpt!)

Other items, most of which we’ve seen already, included:

  • Target Exclusive RHINO w/ Rampage
  • “Then and Now” Rockslide 2-Pack with Snow Job
  • “Attack on the Pit” 5-Pack
  • Senior Ranking Officer 3-Packs (Stone, Grunt, Speed Metal; Destro, Elite-Viper , Neo-Viper)
  • Target “Rescue Mission” 4-Pack
  • Lava Pod w/ Volcano Viper
  • Tiger Claw w/ Leatherneck (in green!)
  • Rockslide w/ Dusty
  • Dragonhawk w/ Wild Bill

Other mysterious items were floating around as well, like an apparent repaint or variant of “The Doctor” in a white labcoat.

Keep in mind this information is all second hand with no image verification as of yet, but it at least gives us something to go by as we wait for the big reveal on Thursday!