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Detailed images of TRU Exclusive Barbecue and Firefly

In celebration of the big “Launch Day” at Toys “R” Us, cmderinchief from JoeBattleLines has posted a very nice series of images of the two TRU exclusive Headquarters for Heroes figures, Barbecue and Firefly.

It should be noted, these are the only two figures in the assortment, and come in their own case…12 figures, 6 of each.  Check out the images below.


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Very nice in depth pictorial and review of Rise of COBRA Night Raven

As G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA starts hitting retail shelves, expect more and more photos to start popping up…well, one of the more in depth series of images I’ve seen comes courtesy of The Terror Drome’s Dark 5cythe.

He gives it a very nice run down with lots of pictures, including comparison shots between the new and old Night Raven, and pictures of both of the recent Air-Vipers.  There are shots of the stickers, the parts, and just about every angle you can imagine.

Check out the full blown review and images here.

On a side note, yeah this thing is a lot smaller than its predecessor, but damn if it isn’t a pretty sweet looking airplane, at least in my opinion.  I love the shape, I love the style, and I don’t think the handle gets in the way at all.  Very nice.

Nostalgia strikes on Facebook

I’ve been on  Facebook for a while and I know a bunch of Joe-related friends of mine are on there, and I just got notification of something pretty cool.

“tkprime” is a Hisstank member, but also runs the MS Gulf Coast G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club.  Of course, you don’t have to be in MS or on the Gulf Coast to join, that’s just its general location.  Well, I have to say that he’s one of the more devoted Joe fans out there that I’ve met…he does some great things in the hobby that some times get a bit overlooked.  His most recent thing is to put every single vintage G.I. Joe commercial in the video section of his Facebook account.  That’s right.  Every one of them.  All those cool as hell live action 90’s commercials?  In there.  Those Hall of Fame commercials with the cartoons?  In there.  The first Joe cartoon ever aired?  It’s all there.

A very cool thing that probably took a ton of time and effort, but it’s there for anyone to enjoy, should they want to.  Of course you can also check out the aforementioned forums as well to see what they’re up to over there.

Some great reviews for the new G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA figures and vehicles

I’ve sung the praises of the LastBestAngryMan Toy Review blog in these pages before, but I must repeat myself.

LBAM has scored a bevy of the initial releases for the Rise of COBRA toys, including the Steel Crusher, Gunship, and a helping of Wave 1.  He’s reviewed them all in typical fashion right here.

Some very cool pictures and interesting insight as always.

Rise of COBRA – have you found them yet?

Word from far and wide across the internet is that Joe fans are having some luck this weekend already in toy scores from Toys “R” Us.  Specifically, a couple buddies of mine, Jay and Gary came upon a nice stacked set of shelves at a TRU in Indianapolis.  Interestingly enough, there were Firefly and Barbecue “Headquarters for Heroes” figures interspersed throughout the regular releases.  So yeah, these appear to be TRU exclusives, but not necessarily separate assortments.

I’m hoping to be able to hit a Target next Tuesday, so hopefully I can share in the brick and mortar goodness…  until then, keep hunting and keep talking about it, some of us are living vicariously through you.  😉