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Detailed review of the Rise of COBRA novelization! Spoilers Ahoy!

Friend of GeneralsJoes “DJ in RI” made quite a find when he stumbled upon the movie novelization at his local Target Department Store a few days ago.  He very kindly offered to give me his take on the story and the way events unfold in the film.  This is not a script review from a script over a year old!  This is a review of the film novelization, so as you can imagine, it is spoiler-rich with some details about the movie.  However, DJ was also careful not to reveal everything.  Gotta leave some surprises out there.  😉

Judging by the review, it sounds like a lot of the events of the final film are similar to what we saw with the early script drafts…but I think some things have definitely changed.  In fact, I know they have just based on the various trailers and tv spots.

But regardless of my thoughts…the full review is after the jump, the parts with spoilers are clearly marked.  A big thanks to DJ for taking some time to do this!


Additional details about the leaked vehicle images from this morning

Early this morning I reported on the leaked vehicle images that had shown up, and I’ve spent the morning doing some research, and I’ve got a little elaboration on what these items may be.  Keep in mind, this is hypothetical on my part, but I’m feeling pretty good about what I’ve got here, notes-wise.

  • Desert Rockslide w/ Dusty (Alpha Vehicle)
  • COBRA Lava Pod w/ Volcano Viper (Alpha Vehicle)
  • Tiger  Claw w/ Leatherneck (Alpha Vehicle)
  • Polar Shark Sub w/ Ice Storm (Alpha Vehicle)
  • Snow Cat w/ Whiteout (Bravo Vehicle)
  • COBRA Fury w/ Alley-Viper (Bravo Vehicle)

This information was gleaned from retailer lists and some process of elimination.  We should find out at SDCC how accurate this little list is.  I’ve also got non-watermarked versions of the images hosted below!

no images were found

The floodgates are about to open… Rise of COBRA toys starting to trickle

July is right around the corner, and the official street date for the G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA toys is bearing down upon us fast and furious.  Smaller retailers are starting to get these items in early, as gunslingercbr reports from  Also Terror Drome member Firefly, who is a Toys “R” Us employee mentions that his store has started receiving stock with a street date marked July 10th.

I know I’m risking fandom onslaught for this, but from my own personal perspective, I haven’t been looking this forward to a new G.I. Joe line since the Sigma 6 days.  I am just flat out ecstatic waiting for these movie figures…the early stuff that I’ve seen so far has been impressive to say the least, and I am just loving what they’re doing design-wise for the video game related stuff, too.  I love the Reactive Armor suits, Flash and Helix are blowing my skirt up in a big way, and I’m just fired up to once again get dropped into a brand new mythology.  From the prequel comic to the Above and Beyond novel, the video game, and the movie itself, we’re really getting a nice new sandbox to play with our toys in, and I absolutely cannot wait.  Bring it on!