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Great new images of upcoming COBRA Island 7-Packs

Taking a bit of a break from the great “Rise of COBRA” debate, the Terror Drome has found some images that I think almost everyone can agree on…  these are some great images of some fantastic looking toys.  I’ve seen lots of complaints lately about Hasbro’s distribution and marketing philosophy, but anyone at all who has any doubt whether or not Hasbro listens to the fans or has our best interests at heart just needs to look at these two 7-packs.

Hasbro did NOT need to do these.  The retailers are full steam ahead with the movie…Hasbro is full steam ahead with the movie…  yet, purely as a bone for collectors, they put together 14 figures that are, by and large, tops on many collector lists.  Not only did they put them out, but they did some beautiful work.  Yes, there’s a lot of existing tooling, but done in such creative ways that it almost doesn’t matter.  These figures are looking great.  What a fantastic send off to the Anniversary line as the property moves forward.

Check out the Terror Drome story here, or just sit and gaze at the images below.

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About those Accelerator Suits…

I know a lot of folks are ranting and raving about the accelerator suits in the Joe movie…I’ve said my piece about them in several different places, and don’t really feel like reiterating here…but I just want to make sure everyone realizes.  At Toy Fair, Hasbro talked specifically about the Accelerator Suits, and was very clear about something:

They are only used in one sequence in the entire movie.

The Joes will not be wearing these things for 2 hours.  Personally, I don’t have any real issues with the Accelerator Suits in concept.  I will admit the CGI looks a bit sketchy…but anyone who has any fears about cyborg powered Joes taking over the entire film, don’t.  At most I’d estimate it’s a 15 – 20 minute sequence and that’s about it, the rest of the time will be spent with the familiar reactive armor gear (black suits with armor padding) or standard military equipment.

The reason they are being featured so prominently in the trailers in this latest clip is because they’re flashy, and they show off the effects that we can expect.  Well, hopefully, they show off better effects on August 7th.  :shifty:

Anyway, just didn’t want people to be getting all wigged out over what is essentially a short sequence in the movie.