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Mini review and spoilers from G.I. Joe: Above and Beyond

I’ve seen various places online talking about this G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA prequel novel written by Max Allen Collins, who also is writing the Rise of COBRA novelization.  This creates a nice seamless writing style (for better or worse).

Above and Beyond is about 260 pages long and features Duke and Ripcord as the leaders of “Able Team” a special forces team that gets caught in the middle of a MARS Weapons deal with a South American country.  There is military action galore, Ripcord is fairly obnoxious with his one-liners, but for the most part it was an enjoyable read.  I was honestly very surprised at the level of violence in the book, with various soldier deaths described in disturbing layers of detail.  It’s fairly apparent that this book was not meant for kids.

Throughout the whole book we follow along behind Able Team, who is also being shadowed by G.I. Joe’s “Alpha Team” consisting of Gung Ho, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Heavy Duty, and Breaker.  Seeing Gung Ho used as the Team Leader was a pretty cool touch, and this actually really got me fired up for the whole launch of this movie “universe”.  Gung Ho appearing in Above and Beyond as well as the Wal-Mart 2-Packs, then also tied into the video game all really started to make me realize how neat this whole interweaved universe is shaping up.  I know everyone has their own issues and complaints with the movie, but to me, it’s an opening door to another fresh take, just like Sigma 6 was, or even the whole Spy Troops/Valor Vs. Venom storyline was.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my old school Joe, but I’m always enamored with a fresh take as well.


Custom submission contest posted on!

JoeCustoms administrator Pluv has announced a contest on the site to encourage folks to send in G.I. Joe related customs for the custom archive.  Contest details are below:

“For every custom that you submit during the month of July that gets greenlit for the Gallery, your name will go into the hat for one (1) of three (3) $20 cards* to go see the GI Joe movie on August 7th. I want to stress that the custom must meet the submission guidelines in order to be greenlit. If your custom is denied for not following the guidelines your submission will not count.

*Your choice of movie theater gift card, or Fandango gift card, or Paypal.”

Check out the full details here, and get working on submitting those customs!  See G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA for free!