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Additional information about the MTV exclusive clip

The Movies blog now has a post up regarding their exclusive edited clip “Attack on Paris”.  Turns out, a fuller, more in depth exclusive clip will be airing during the “pre-show” for the MTV Movie Awards Sunday at 7:00pm Eastern Time.  The clip will be viewable online after its debut during the pre-show, but that is where it will debut.

This edited version of the clip was simply to give viewers a “taste” of what’s to come with the full one on Sunday.

Joefans tune into MTV Sunday at 7:00pm to get an eyeful of the full clip!  Click here to read the article for yourselves.

Chris Ryall from IDW talks Helix

A little bit, anyway. Not a whole lot more information revealed, but the IDW Editor in Chief does say that part of the Helix special will be released as a “mini-comic” included with the video game. Check out his blog post here and the cover image (which is awesomeness personified) below:


Shout Factory reveals packaging, pricepoint and other details for complete series set

dvd_thumbTVShowsonDVD reveals additional details on the complete series DVD set for the Sunbow series slated to come out later this year.  While the site to place the order, is still listed as “Under Construction”, we know that the complete series set will contain 17 discs and retail for $145.00 (including standard US shipping).

Click here to check out the full article.