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Latest JoeCanuck Collectors’ Newsletter online now

Just a couple of weeks removed from the latest Canadian JoeCon, the guys at have posted the latest and greatest collectors newsletter, which can be seen here.  With a terrific convention wrap up and the same great content you’ve come to expect, run, don’t walk, over to the site and check it out.

As always, previous issues are viewable at the top of this page as well.

Great Alley-Viper review posted online

Anyone who hasn’t checked out the Last Best Angry Man Toy Review blog is really missing out on not only some great insight, but some humor along with it.  The guy behind the site (who goes by Irid70 on HissTank and the Terror Drome) has wrapped his meathooks around one of the upcoming Alley-Viper figures from the Defense of COBRA Island 7-Pack and posted his review here.  Some very nice images of a figure that looks to be a sure-fire winner.

Thanks to The Terror Drome for pointing out this great review!

More new “Dragonfly” images on

A few new images of the upcoming “Dragonfly” (keep in mind that name is NOT confirmed) have emerged over on  These new shots make the copter look a good deal smaller than I initially thought…almost too small.  It looks very RHINO chopper like.  I still think the vehicle itself looks pretty damn cool, but I’ll have to see what I think once I get it in hand.  The thing just looks tiny.  Read the thread for yourself here, or take a peek at the images below.

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Nice updated pictures of Reactive Armor Duke

cmderinchief over on JoeBattleLines has posted a nice assortment of detailed images from the upcoming Reactive Armor Duke figure.  Setting aside the size of his head, I’m really liking this look…the sleek armored uniform with the detailed weathering just looks really, really nice.  I can’t wait to get a full Joe team together.  I’m very impressed at how nicely Hasbro is bringing these movie figures together, especially considering their somewhat generic overall appearence.

Check out the original thread here, and the images posted below.

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