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New G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA trailer hits the web this Friday!

In the category of “a nice surprise”, is reporting that a new trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA should be hitting the internet this coming Friday, May 1st!  Anyone going to see the new Star Trek film will also get to see the same trailer on the big screen.

You can bet that GeneralsJoes will be right on top of this news as it develops!  Click here to check out the article. interviews Marlon Wayans about G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA

So far Marlon Wayans has been surprisingly silent about his role as “Ripcord” in the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA motion picture, being released August 7th of this year.  Well, he breaks his silence with and lets the fans know what they should expect from the film.

“The movie is serious, action and some comedy – but not all comedy,” insisted the star, who will bring an extremely different look to the High Altitude Low Opening jumper in the August 7th flick. “You pull off the reigns; I did what was appropriate for the role and for the character.”

“It wasn’t about ‘Hey, let it be the me comedy show’,” promised Wayans. “It is G.I. Joe. It’s supposed to be badass action. So you commit to it – and I found the fun in being a badass, for once in my life.”

There’s plenty of other interesting tidbits over at so check out the article here.

Hasbro Q & A Round Two, 2009

Keeping up with the regular schedule, the next round of G.I. Joe themed Q & A sessions is right around the corner!  If you have any suggestions for questions, feel free to toss them in the comments section of this post.  Also, don’t forget there are scores of other sites around the ‘net who will be gathering questions as well.  We are now limited to three questions total, and deadline for submitting your ideas is Saturday, May 2nd, by 12:00 noon.

Don’t forget to check GeneralsJoes Q & A archive to see what’s been asked in past sessions!

A metric TON of Resolute Concept art on DeviantArt!

hiss-01Well, thanks to Jeff Bohn stumbling on it yesterday, and letting GeneralsJoes break the news, the DeviantArt floodgates have opened.  Jeff also found the page belonging to Joaquin Dos Santos, who, in turn led to several other artists who worked on the project, and a whole wealth of awesome looking concept art, backgrounds, and storyboards are up there for the enjoyment of all!  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to uncover any character turnarounds or designs, which is what I’m really after, but damn, this is some COOL stuff right here.  I’ve broken it all down into galleries below, but PLEASE check out everyone’s DeviantArt page and lavish huge praise on them.  The “look” of Resolute was one of the best things about it, so these artists deserve a mountain of credit for breathing life into our favorite plastic men and women.  Check out the shots at the “Read the rest of this Entry” link below, you do NOT want to miss these: