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Ten things I didn’t like about G.I. Joe: Resolute

Okay, Resolute has aired in its entirety both through and on the station itself last night.  It promises to be fully online tomorrow, so show your support by watching it over and over again!  Now while I think the Resolute concept and the look of the show was pretty much my favorite rendition of G.I. Joe to date, it wasn’t perfect.  I’ll start off with the ten things I didn’t love, but have no fears, there will be an extensive list of things I loved as well.  🙂


Some mystery test shots revealed on TaoBao

Some scattered auctions on TaoBao have revealed some mysterious new test shots of potential upcoming or existing figures that are a bit of a head-scratcher.  There are a couple of straight forward ones, like the Rise of COBRA Destro, various Storm Shadows, etc..  but we appear to have a brand new Flash or Grand Slam (with different lower legs) and a bizarre ninja-amalgamation of Storm Shadow parts and other randomness.

Check out the auctions here, and check out the gallery below.  Thanks to HissCommander of the TerrorDrome for the info!

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Resolute pre-production items on eBay

Black Sheep Toy Store has expanded his stock from Rise of COBRA to Resolute and Defense of COBRA Island as he added a wealth of potentially upcoming figures to his eBay store.  Many of the items seen at HissTank a few days ago are now up for auction with nice, big pictures.  Of course those images will be mirrored below.

Check out the G.I. Joe section of his eBay store here.

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