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Nightly News Recap – G.I. Joe: Origins #3 Reviewed by HissTank

One day prior to its official release, Shin Densetsu at has posted a review of G.I. Joe: Origins #3.  Check it out here!

EDIT: Thanks to Todd and Jeff for their comments, apparently this issue DOES NOT come out today.  A quick check to Den Tipton’s blog confirms official release is next Wednesday, April 29th.  Sorry for any confusion!

Nightly News Recap – Resolute getting some online mentions

We all had a feeling that Resolute would bring a smile to the faces of G.I. Joe fans everywhere, but honestly, I know I was somewhat uncertain about what affect or impact it would have on the more “mainstream” press.  Well, I’ve been keeping a very close eye on various internet websites and tracking any mentions of Resolute.  So far there’s been a lot of positive buzz.  Here are some links to articles talking about the new animated feature:

Nightly News Recap – Despite good toy sales, Hasbro earnings drop

Hasbro has posted some earning numbers that, on the surface, sound pretty scary, but in the long run, may not end up having the impact they would appear.  While Hasbro has reported a 47 Million Dollar decline in revenue through the first quarter of this year, it was consistent with their expectations and did not come as a surprise.

Economic woes forced retailers to focus some attention on their restock strategies, Easter came later in the year, and a general decline in consumer confidence all most likely had an affect on these numbers.  One nice bit of news is that the G.I. Joe brand was singled out by CEO Brian Goldner as being a good performer:


Nightly News Recap – Splash Page talks IDW Comics

The Splash Page, a devision of has posted an article about the IDW comic books, mostly talking about the series extensions we reported on yesterday.  Quotes of interest include:

“Calling this “the year of G.I. Joe,” IDW announced that its “G.I. Joe: Origins” miniseries published in partnership with Hasbro will become an ongoing series with current writer Chuck Dixon handling the next pair of “Origins” issues, and veteran “G.I. Joe” writer (and live-action “G.I. Joe” movie consultant) Larry Hama taking over for a subsequent three-issue story. IDW’s “G.I. Joe: Cobra” miniseries will also be extended via an extra “G.I. Joe: Cobra Special” issue at the end of its 4-issue run.”

Along with the report, MTV got some sneak images of upcoming covers for the G.I. Joe: COBRA series.  Check those out below!