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G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA Shipwreck Review

Our first introductions to the movie figures were samples of the Baroness and Breaker who appeared on overseas auction sites in blurry pictures, and frankly the appearence wasn’t very flattering.  In fact, I was feeling pretty discouraged about what the movie figures might have to offer, but then we saw Shipwreck.  Shipwreck almost single-handedly turned my opinion around about the movie stuff, and gave me a bit of hope, and that hope has continued to rise as more Rise of COBRA figures have been shown.  Now, I really find myself being pulled into the movie “universe” and while there is nothing at this point that will match the beauty of Resolute (in feature or toy form), I’m starting to like a lot more about the movie figures than I dislike.

So when faithful GeneralsJoes follower “davy” offered to lend me his personal version of Shipwreck that he dropped money on, just so I could review it…well, I jumped at the chance.  I was honestly shocked with the generosity and the trust in me to not only send this figure back, but even to open it!  He sent me the figure MOC and told me to open it up and take as many pictures as I needed, so…well…I took a bunch of ’em.


Loose COBRA Island figures up for sale (with images) on eBay!

eBay seller unitedwell93 has posted up some loose Attack on COBRA Island figures, including Lamprey, Hit n Run, Night Creeper, Dr. Mindbender, Alley-Viper, and Outback.  Check out the auctions here, and the images can be seen in the gallery below.  Keep in mind, these appear to be pre-production items, and they may not be final.

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Also of note, is the seller also has an auction featuring the female figure we showcase a few days ago, and this time actually has it labeled as “Dial Tone“.

Thanks to HissCommander from the TerrorDrome for the info!

G.I. Joe complete season Sunbow DVD Sets debut at San Diego ComicCon

According to this article on, Shout! Factory is planning to debut the complete season sets of Transformers and G.I. Joe at San Diego ComicCon, running July 23-26, 2009.  The sets will then be available for sale online right afterwards, before hitting mass retail.

The article states “Shout! Factory sources indicated the “G.I. Joe” complete-series boxed set will come in a foot-locker package, and will include only the episodes animated by Sunbow Productions (a different studio produced episodes that take place after the animated movie).”

To read the full article, click here.

Screenshots from the Nintendo DS version of G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA has posted some screenshots and information from the upcoming Nintendo DS version of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA.  The game appears to be a top-down view with some pretty cool old school graphics.  One of the screenshots even showcases a version 1 HISS Tank.

Check out the article here, and see the images in the gallery below:

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Resolute for your iPod and iPhone!

Josh Dahl, Wild Weasel, and the guys at The Terror Drome have come through with downloadable versions of the first three episodes of Resolute optimized for your iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, or any device that plays MPEG4 (.mp4) formatted video.  The direct links are below:


Once again, big thanks to the gang at The Terror Drome for coming up with all of this.  Awesome job!