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Adult Swim posts every G.I. Joe themed Robot Chicken episode online

Perhaps as an indication of a new G.I. Joe element coming to Adult Swim, the website has posted a specific page with every G.I. Joe themed episode of Robot Chicken in one easy to find place!  Here is what the site has to say:

“Recently, people have been trying to revive GI Joe into a more badass property. Hell, even the new animated movie on Adult Swim does it. But the guys at Robot Chicken remember what GI Joe was really all about in the 80’s: Bizarre codenames (Muskrat, anyone?), ridiculously specific specialties (Croc Master, the evil crocodile trainer), and astonishingly insane plotting (Zartan changes colors in the sun because why?). We love the new awesome GI Joe, but we’re glad that Robot Chicken is around to help ladle the copious amounts of cheese back on to it.”

Click here to check out the page, or click the “Full Story” link to watch the embedded video right here!


Resolute on TeleToon – CONFIRMED

Thanks to plentyspace for dropping a comment on the previous post to let us know that TeleToon has now updated their site with Resolute information.  No trailer as of yet, but they have now confirmed the fact that Resolute will be airing April 24th at 11:15pm.  Check out their synopsis here.


Other goodies found on

Busy night on TaoBao tonight…not only did Dial-Tone make her illustrious debut (this time with breasts!) but we’ve got a couple more mysteries to solve.

First off is an apparent redeco of Tomax and Xamot in the color scheme of the Crimson Strike Team convention set from several years ago.  That auction is here.  Next up is what appears to be a test shot of a possible upcoming Snow Cat!  Hasbro stated in the last Q & A that a Snow Cat was on the horizon, and we’ve discovered it makes an appearence in the Rise of COBRA video game, so it would certainly appear that a Snow Cat is headed to retail shelves in 2009.  Will it be a special exclusive?  Will it be a Rise of COBRA themed product?  I guess we’ll find out.  Check out that auction here.  Both images are also mirrored below.



Mysterious female figure for auction on – Dial Tone?!

mystery_femaleUp for auction on TaoBao is what appears to be an upcoming Rise of COBRA figure of a mystery female character.  Click here to check out the auction.  Keep in mind, the seller has stated this this is not a custom figure.  Of course, there’s no way to know for sure if this is an elaborate custom, or a real figure, but I gotta go with what the seller is saying.  Who knows for sure?

If it is a real figure, it’s quite a departure from the movie style, this particular figure is very bright and unusual.  It would be my guess that it’s a figure that’s not based straight on the movie, but perhaps something that might come in the Headquarters for Heroes line, or it may be a figure as part of the Rise of COBRA toyline that doesn’t necessarily appear in the film.

I actually have my own hypothesis about this particular figure that suddenly came to me while I was writing this…it probably won’t be a popular hypothesis, but my guess is this may be an upcoming Dial-Tone figure.  My reasoning is this:

  • Dial-Tone is a female character in the new IDW comic book series
  • The Dial-Tone in the comic is more of a general computer expert and not so much a strict communications specialist.
  • The “look” of this figure is that of a non-uniform, somewhat “out of the box” team member, which might fit a Hollywood stereotype of your typical “not normal” computer tech.
  • Her face sculpt is very similar to how Dial-Tone is depicted in the IDW book, just without the glasses
  • Dial-Tone also makes an appearance in the Rise of COBRA video game, and appears there in female form.
  • The darker green highlights on this figure are almost a perfect match for the familiar green uniform color of the ’86 Dial Tone
  • Hasbro stated we would be getting a Dial-Tone in an upcoming figure assortment in the latest Q & A, and that it would be something fans “didn’t expect”.

To me, the pieces all fit.  I expect some “nerd anger” over this, and to an extent I think some of it is justified.  But this is a “new” G.I. Joe, and apparently in this “new” G.I. Joe, Dial-Tone got himself Starbucked.  In a way they did him a favor, though, I think…  the character of Dial-Tone hasn’t been this much of a focus of attention in twenty-five years!  😉

EDIT: Just ran this page through a Google Translator.  The title translates as: GIJOE 09 years Special Forces were female version of casual telephone

Guess that settles it.

Hasbro announces G.I. Joe Resolute! April 17th on


YES!  Finally the confirmation we’ve all been waiting for!  Hasbro has officially announced the debut of G.I. Joe: Resolute to Friday, April 17th on, to air on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim afterwards!  The full, official press release is below:

Episodes Of Highly Anticipated Series To Air Online Leading Up To Broadcast Finale On Adult Swim

PAWTUCKET, RI – April 15, 2009 – Hasbro announced today that G.I. Joe: Resolute, an adult fan oriented animated mini-series, will be broadcast via Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim on television as well as online.  Based on the classic G.I. JOE brand, Hasbro created 60 minutes of total content for this new story which will be presented as 11 episodes.

Beginning on April 17, fans will be able to see the first five minutes of the brand new, stand-alone animated mini-series on  These episodes are broken down to ten 5-minute episodes and one 10-minute finale.  Following the first episode on April 17, subsequent installments will be posted on the Adult Swim website leading up to a full presentation of the entire series.   This finale will be broadcast on Adult Swim April 25 at midnight.  This televised event will not only feature all episodes seen online, but will be the first time fans can watch the final 10 minutes of the G.I. Joe: Resolute saga.  All episodes, including the finale, will be available to view online after this airing.

Intended for the adult fan that grew up with the brand in the 80’s, G.I. Joe: Resolute received standing ovations at both the G.I. JOE Convention, “JoeCon,” and San Diego Comic-Con in 2008 where sample clips were previewed.  Since then, fans have eagerly been awaiting the announcement of air-dates for the series.

“In a very exciting year for the G.I. JOE brand, we’re thrilled to be able to bring the G.I. Joe: Resolute animated series to the adult G.I. JOE fan,” said Michael Verrecchia, Director of G.I. JOE Entertainment Marketing.  “Adult Swim is the perfect broadcast platform to deliver the series, which features a more sophisticated animation style and story than prior animation.”

Hasbro developed the animation with executive producer Sam Register as well as a powerhouse creative team at Titmouse Studios including Joaquim Dos Santos, a veteran animation director, who worked closely with award-winning comic writer Warren Ellis, who penned the entire series. This highly regarded team brings an edgy, intense feel to the series, which will feature the most popular characters in the G.I. JOE vs. COBRA canon.  Iconic characters such Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlett and Roadblock will do battle with Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness and Storm Shadow.

Fans can learn more about G.I. Joe: Resolute by visiting

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Again, I say YES!